Holton loved his visit to FSU

Last week, 4-star safety and current Nole commitment C.J. Holton took an unofficial visit to Miami while they played Georgia Tech. This past weekend, the Wakulla star was back home checking out the rivalry game with the Canes. NoleDigest caught up with Holton to get his thoughts on the game and just how much Miami is still in it to land his signature on signing day.

Like many commitments this weekend, C.J. had a good time in Tallahassee regardless the way the game turned out. "It was a pretty good game. All in all I loved it. I was excited the majority of the time watching. I had to leave a little early, so when Nigel called me and told me we lost, I was shocked. But, this is the best game I have ever seen at Doak. The fans were into it and it was so loud. I have to say that it's the first FSU game I've been to where it was that loud. All the seats were taken and people were cheering the whole time," said Holton.

Miami is another program that has traditionally enjoyed a game day atmosphere that'd been one of the best in the nation. When asked to compare the two, C.J. said, "Man, FSU is a lot more different than Miami. It is so much better there than it is at Miami. I would really have to say it's a lot better because of the fans and all."

With that, Miami is still in the picture for the local standout. "I went down there with one of my mom's friends. I do have interest in Miami and I wanted to check it out on an unofficial visit. They showed me around a bit and all of that. I am still committed to FSU, though. People need to understand and respect that I'm looking at them to make sure. This is a huge decision I have to make and where I go to school is important to me. Some people have read too much into it so far," stated Holton.

The fact that he had a great time during the FSU versus Miami game is apparent. When asked to talk about some of the things that he enjoyed, C.J. mentioned a few things, "First, they had this 3-D presentation they did for us. Man, that was really crazy and I couldn't believe it while I was watching it. That was one of the best things I have seen throughout this whole process. They had highlights and the locker room, and I felt that I was really in those clips. It was like I was there. Also, it was nice to catch up with old friends and some guys I have played against. I spoke to as many recruits as I could, and talked a lot with the commitments. Overall I had a great time this weekend."

The fact that C.J. plans on making an official to Miami leaves people wondering just how solid his commitment is to the Noles. When asked a percentage, he said, "I don't really want to answer that right now, yet I am still considering Miami. They are a good program. I am looking to get there for the Virginia game. I do plan on taking and official to FSU also, but I have to get up with my coaches to figure out when. I do know it will be before this year is over. I want to reiterate that I am still committed to FSU."

Being that C.J. and 5-star commitment Nigel Bradham are close and are teammates, one has to wonder his thoughts on Holton looking at Miami. "Nigel is behind me 100% in whatever I do. He knows where I am coming from and respects that." While it may seem that his commitment is softening, Holton often speaks about FSU with terms like "we" and "us". While he is legitimately looking at the Canes, look for the coaches and commitments to make sure this is one kid that sticks in the end. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with C.J. and the rest of the 2008 class.

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