Brandon Paul Q & A

Following practice, freshman wide receiver Brandon Paul took the time to talk exclusively with NoleDigest about how things have been going for him so far during his freshman year at Florida State. Paul was a 4-Star Athlete according to before signing his letter of intent to play for the Seminoles.

Talk a little about how things have been going for you since you've got to Florida State.

It's going good. Trying to get learning experience and just learning the stuff. I'm just trying to get used to it all. It's a big difference from high school.

How have you handled the transition from high school so far?

It's been going good. It's hard at first, but I just work hard at it and get better every day.

What's the biggest difference from playing high school football and now playing at a big time college program?

The speed really, and also the discipline. That's it really.

What have you been working on so far during your redshirt year to prepare you to come in and make an impact next year?

Just playing my hardest against the first team defense. If I can make plays against them then, I must be doing good. So that's basically it. That and just working hard.

Do you look to the older players like De'Cody and Greg for advice and to help you come along?

Oh yeah. I mean they give all the freshman advice. They tell us to just keep our heads up and just to work hard at it. They had to go through the scout team thing too. They just tell us to take it and run with it.

Talk about your relationship with Bert Reed a little.

We're real close. We got close over the summer. Basically, we just push each other to work hard and do our best. That's about it.

Have you had a chance to talk with E.J. Manuel yet?

No, not yet. Hopefully we can find some time to sit down and talk about the future here.

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