D'Vo's Time

With the announcement of Xavier Lee's suspension last night, adjustments to the depth chart at the quarterback position are in need for the next two games. The best situation the coaches can hope for is Drew Weatherford staying healthy and playing up to his potential; In any case he does go down or is unable to play for any reason, who will be backing him up?

With Xavier Lee being completely unavailable for this and next weekend's games at Boston College and Virginia Tech, either D'Vontrey Richardson or Christian Ponder will be there to back-up starter Drew Weatherford.

Following practice Monday night, Coach Bowden had this to say on the situation. "We were working D'Vontrey (Richardson) and (Christian) Ponder. I think D'Vontrey probably got more (reps)." Bowden says it is still uncertain on which one is the definite back-up for the next two weeks, but all signs point to Richardson. Jimbo Fisher says that he wouldn't be uncomfortable if one of the back-ups had to play, but Richardson admits he hasn't had a whole lot of work in practice so far this season. "Yes, I would say so (this is the most work he's had in practice this season.)" Richardson said, "I took all (reps) with the two's, and then at the halfway point, Ponder had got in there."

With the possibility having to run the offense against the number 2 team in the nation, Richardson is beginning to become a little nervous. "I'm not scared; I'd say I'm kind of getting nervous, just in case something does happen. I'm kind of nervous; Boston College is number 2 in the nation, so I'm pretty sure if I get in there, everything will be moving so fast." Richardson feels pretty prepared but wants to keep focusing on the game plan and what needs to be done in case his number is called. "I'm pretty prepared. I just gotta keep studying; in the meeting today, what he had put in, I gotta study that. I gotta go study tonight about the plays he put in."

Although Lee will not be able to travel with the team, he is offering his best advice to D'Vo just in case he may need it. "I'm feeling good; I had talked to Xavier to help me with a few things, and he had said he will. Just in case I get in, Xavier still wants to win us ball games and he told me ‘In case you get in, I want you to do good.' So he had said he's gonna help me with some few things."

The competition between Ponder and Richardson is somewhat a smaller version of the one that has been going on for three years now with Weatherford and Lee. However, Richardson says he tries not to worry about that too much. "Me and Christian are great friends. We don't really worry about that right now. We just come out here and practice. Whoever gets the job, I would congratulate him and I'm pretty sure he would congratulate me."

Richardson saw a little action against Alabama earlier in the season, but the plan was strictly for him to run the ball. This week he knows if he goes in, it will be more to pass than run. "I wasn't really nervous (for Alabama), because I knew I would just go in and run, but this week I just gotta breathe a little bit, because I'm pretty sure if I do go in, I'm gonna have to pass."

Richardson is also a stud on the Florida State baseball team and is uncertain at this point if he will play this year or not. "I'm gonna wait until about December or January (to decide). Jimbo Fisher had said earlier in the season that Ponder or Richardson could very well win the starting job in the spring. "If there's a shot of me winning the starting job on the football field, then I'm gonna stay with football. I came here for football and really want to compete for football."

Last season, Boston College beat Florida State in Tallahassee 24-19. Florida State is 2-3 in ACC play this year compared to Boston College who remains unbeaten. This weekend will be the first time FSU has visited an AP #2 team in the nation since traveling to South Bend in 1993 when Notre Dame beat the ‘Noles' 31-24.

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