Catching up with Godby's All-Time Rusher

British Footman committed to Florida State in July, and has since slowly climbed up the recruiting rankings, moving to a 4-star running back and a top 25 running back in the nation according to NoleDigest caught up with the commitment to talk about how his season is going, possible plans for some visits, and where he is at right now in terms of academics.

The high school competition in the Tallahassee area is usually one of the best in the state of Florida each year. This year it may be the best, along with the always tough Dade County schools. Teams like Godby, Madison, Wakulla and Lincoln are tough teams, and Footman's Godby team has played two in recent weeks in Madison and Wakulla. Footman says, "Our season has been going pretty well until these past couple games against Madison and Wakulla. Basically Wakulla wanted it more than us and fought harder to get the win. Against Madison we gave the game away. We fumbled it towards the end and weren't able to recover from that game. It was tough to lose that one."

In those games there were several current and future FSU players participating in those tough battles. For British it was both good and bad playing against them. He explains, "Hopefully some of those guys will be future teammates at FSU. All of the guys who are committed or who may be played real good games. I am glad to see that they are doing well, but it was bad for us that we lost to them. That part I didn't like. I will tell you this; the most impressive player I've seen has been Travis Arnold. I say that because of the attitude he plays with. He refused to lose the game and I really liked that about him."

One of the goals for British coming into the season was breaking the school rushing record. To etch his name in the record books at a school that produces countless playmakers was something that Footman really wanted. "I broke the school record against Madison. I worked very hard leading up to that point. At the time when I did it I was more concerned with winning the game, so I didn't think about it too much. But now I am happy that I have gotten to this point and got it done. It really means something," mentioned British.

Running back is one of the toughest positions to play on the football field because of the constant contact and punishment they take. Against Madison, Footman had a little bit of a scare when he took a direct helmet hit on his knee. He says, "The knee is alright. I'm getting over it. It turned out to be a deep bruise from the direct hit I took on it. I couldn't go back into the game after it. I thought it was the big one (and ACL injury), so it scared me a bit. But here we have great trainers and all so they are helping me get it back to full strength."

It is a very common occurrence to see many local high school players on the sideline and at the home games when FSU plays at Doak. British is another one of those that makes frequent trips to the home games, but the last few he hasn't been able to make it. British says, "I haven't been going to many games lately. I am going to try to go the Maryland game, though. I have been hearing a lot of people tell me that FSU is the place for me to be, and I agree with that. I also have been told by some people I need to get out there and see what's going on with other schools. I'm not going to lie, it has crossed my mind going to check out and consider what other schools have to offer, but FSU is the best decision for me and I feel I can go out there and make some noise. I do know if I take visits my last one will be to FSU. But right now I am just getting ready to go to FSU, and I am not upset about that at all. I am 100% Nole."

Academics have long been tied to what British will bring to a college team, and it also may have been affecting his rankings. Coming into the year many thought that he had no shot at making it in. British states that it is continually getting better and that there are plans for him if he doesn't make it. "My academics are much better and schools have been coming around more often. I have had to work on both my GPA and test scores. At my school they have a program called Credit Retrieval where I can go back to the 9th grade and retake some classes and improve those grades. Last Saturday I tool the SAT, so I am waiting for that score to come in. I am planning on taking the ACT the next time it comes around. I have been plugging away at it and I plan to keep working and take care of business." He continues, "If I don't make it, FSU has an academic plan already set up for me. They have chosen my Junior College already. I have been talking to my guidance counselor and she has mentioned the possibility that if I'm not qualified by December I may go right to JUCO in January. That is a route I am looking at and it's a possibility that may be the plan if I can't make the grades."

There is no doubt that British is one of the top playmakers in the state this year. While it is up in the air if he is going to qualify, he is still working hard off and on the field to prove people wrong and get to FSU. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for future updates on the local standout as his completes his senior season.

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