Chuck Amato talks LB's & Boston College

Florida State Exec. Head Coach and Linebacker Coach Chuck Amato talks about his position group and about Boston College.

What do you see as the biggest challenge for the defense this week in facing Boston College?

Well we have to stop the run; when you go against a team that can throw as efficiently as they do. Because if you can't stop the run, then you never know when they're gonna pass. We've also got to be disciplined in our coverage's and get a great pass rush up front because if he has time, he could probably play against the Patriots.

What can we expect to see from the linebackers this week as far as blitzing and coverage's?

Come and see the game (laughs).

Talk about the play of the linebackers so far this season.

We're awfully excited about they way they have played as a group overall. We've had some busts, but they've really come a long way. A couple of those youngsters didn't go through spring practice last year because of knee operations and ACL's and other stuff, but they've come a long way and we're getting to be a pretty good crew. I'll let you know after the 13th game when it's all done.

Talk a little about Dekoda Watson and how he has filled the starting role this year.

He's at another new position from spring to now, and he's got all the tools to be a big time player. He's got a long way to go yet but he's like a sponge; he wants to learn and learn and learn.

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