Rich talks about upcoming season

Noledigest had the opportunity to speak with senior guard Jason Rich.

On practice and how the team looks so far:

"I know you wouldn't expect me to say practice is going bad, but its going really well. I think the progress we have made is good. I like where we are right now. Obviously, I don't feel like we are a finished product, and that's going to take some game experience, but we have been practicing really well and have shown a commitment to get better."

On the loss of Al Thornton:

"As a team we have been together. We have a corps group of guys that have been together mixed with the new talent that we have. I don't feel like anybody is like, oh Al is gone I need to put it on my shoulders. Because you know Al did a lot for us as a team, not only statistically, but the habits he brought to the team in practice and different things like that, I feel like all those things, we can replace that as a group. With me, Isaiah, and Tony and Ralph, I think those are your leaders on this team. The other guys are dependent on us because we have been there."

On some games Jason is looking forward to:

"I think that each game has the same amount of importance as the other, but I always look forward to playing Florida and the so called big dogs in the ACC, we have always looked forward to those games. I am just ready to play. I don't care who we play and I don't care about the name on the jersey, I'm just ready to play. It seems like after that bitter loss we had at Mississippi State, that we need to make it right."

On his role on the team:

"You just gotta know how things are going to approach. My approach is not, I gotta get 20, I gotta get 20. My approach is that I have to do whatever is necessary for this team, and I think that includes scoring the basketball. I've always wanted to try to be more than just that, but I think me and Tony, we're going to have to score the ball.

On the team unity:

"I think that this team gets along on and off the court. Guys always spend time with each other, and I always see guys out there working with each other, encouraging each other because we understand that we have to have each others back because we understand that it's tough out there. You have to be together on the road, that's how you win road games. You win it as a team. That is easy to impress on the younger guys because we know, we have been there."

On the pressure of making the tourney:

"We want to make it."

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