Toney Douglas thinks the best is yet to come

Junior guard Toney Douglas speaks about this great group of freshman, on what he offers, the loss of Al, and new inside presence.

On this being a well balanced team:

"Our guard play is going to the strength of our team. We believe in one another and trust in one another."

On what Toney has to offer:

"Before I hurt my hand, I was playing real good. I feel like nobody hasn't seen it (the best) coming out of me, but I spent this summer training and getting in shape, getting my teammates score, knowing when to score, and knowing when not to score. I think this year is going to be good for me individually and as a team. They believe in me and I believe in them. It's going to be a good year"

On the incoming freshman class:

"This is the best incoming freshman class that's coming along well with the system. They are going to help us as true freshman."

On the need to score with the loss of Al:

"Whatever it takes to win. I know I have to score more than I did last year. Jason, Ralph, and Isaiah have to do the same thing. There are going to be nights where my shot is not falling, but I have to play defense. It's going to be something. I am going to bring something every night and we all have to be consistent with that every night."

On having an inside postgame:

"We have some good inside presence with Julian Vaughan, Ryan Reid, Uche. Ryan Reid and Uche have experience. Julian has been coming along real well as a freshman and he's going to help out a lot. If we have a good inside present game, it opens up our outside even more and that's going to be deadly."

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