OC Jimbo Fisher Q & A

This afternoon OC Jimbo Fisher spoke to the media. Here's what he had to say.

It looks like you have one of the most productive groups of receivers in the country right now.

Their producing real well. I thought Antone did a great job. He had his best all around game. Not only running the ball, but had 5 catches, was a real weapon out of the backfield and blocked real well. The kid played the most complete football game he has since I've been here.

You guys have come a long way since the Colorado game.

Our consistency is getting better. You still look at the film and we still left a lot out there. That's the encouraging thing. We still have a lot of little things we have to clean up to get where we want to go. Part of that is Boston College making good plays too. Some things we could have controlled, put the ball in the end zone a couple more times. We still got a lot of ways to go. You can see both, the improvement and what is still left out there that we need to do. That's what I'm anxious about. Is to see how the team responds to success. We haven't had a chance to do that around here in a while. I think that, to me, reveals more character about you than losses. Losses always make you hunker down. Success, I want to see can you deal with it. Can you build on it and work harder to make it better next week.

Talk about the trick plays you called in the game.

Well I think it does and I think it shows confidence in them. I think it shows confidence that we can execute something in a tough situation. It's something that takes a little more concentration. It's a little off the wall at time and it finds a way to move the ball and be creative at it. Guys like that. They like the aspect of thinking that you can trick somebody or make a big play out of it. Hopefully it is reflecting the confidence in our players, and shows them, hey, were as tough as we are on you, but when you start to perform and start to do the things we want you to do, that we have more reign to let out. We can keep giving you more room to play. I think totally as a team, that's when you become better; when those kids feel ownership of what their doing and they feel that you're giving them some lead way to show what they can do as players.

Is it the same concept from when you went for it on 4th and 1 early in the game with the lead?

We're here to win football games. We felt like we could get it; we felt like we had a plan to get it; we felt comfortable in that situation. You don't go beat teams like Boston College letting them to give you the game. Their not gonna give it to you. You have to go make plays to win the football game. It's very much like the team we're playing this week. I mean Virginia Tech isn't going to give you the game. When you play a team the caliber of Boston College at their place like that, you have to show that your there to win it because their not going to give it to us.

Was that the most comfortable you've seen Drew under center this season?

Yeah. Probably so, for a complete game. Like we said, there's still some little thing we can clean up and get in the end zone a few more times. That's the encouraging thing. A few little decisions here and there that he's got. He played a really good football game and there's still room for improvement.

Does the thought ever cross you mind that Drew outplayed the leading Heisman candidate?

I thought he played a heck of a game. I know one thing, he didn't have turnovers. He was able to protect the ball. The things we say is you can't lose the game first; and that's what he didn't do. Then when you have opportunities to make plays to win it you have to make it and that's what he's starting to do. He's doing a great job picking his moments and being aggressive when he needs to, and when he misses; he misses in the right spots.

With the QB controversies here over the years even before you arrived, do you now sense that this is becoming Drew's team?

I think so right now.He's earned that right to say that, for a couple games. He's done that and hopefully we can continue to grow. I mean you got a heck of a challenge coming this week. We knock off Boston College, but we get to go to Virginia Tech; that's a great reward isn't it? But with one QB you know the direction you're heading with the game. You know what his capabilities are. So it helps when you planning and scheming.

Do you plan for your strengths or the defenses weaknesses?

We have to worry about ourselves first. You have to do what you do well. You try to implement your things that you do well on the other team. Now, you can't be hard headed. You have to have enough diversity, but you have to do what you do well first; and then adjust as the game plan goes on in what you do.

Get any thank you calls from LSU?

Yeah, yeah I did. They like me again down there. I thought it was funny.

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