Drew Weatherford Q & A

ACC Offensive player of the Week Quarterback Drew Weatherford spoke with the media on Monday afternoon.

Did it finally seem like all 11 guys on offense were on the same page and had their confidence going all game?

Yeah. It seemed that way. It seemed that we were clicking on all cylinders. We were able run the ball effectively to set up some things in the passing game.

Talk about how the offensive line played.

They played great. All the credit really has to go to them. Without them we wouldn't have been able to run or throw the ball effectively.

You guys got Antone more involved in the passing game. What led to that?

The type of defense they run. They play conservative and try to make you be patient. We knew that going into the game and knew we would have to check down a lot.

Was that the most comfortable you've felt this season?

Yeah. For sure. The combination of us being able to run the ball and them protecting me very well. I think all of those things combined helped.

Talk about your confidence in the receivers you have out there to throw to.

I've always had confidence in those guys. I've always know that they can make plays if we give them the ball. They're all equally effective.

Your confidence level looks the highest it's been. Can you address why.

I'm just enjoying myself. I just have a better perspective I think on the game. I'm enjoying it more. I'm forgetting everything that's happened in the past whether it's been good or bad.

Can you pin-point a turning point for you where the light seemed to come on?

Probably while I was sitting on the bench. It made me realize it's a complicated game, but it's as complicated as you make it. I probably got too caught up in everything and I took a step back and reevaluated what kind of player I am and am not capable of doing and that's just allowed me to play within myself.

Does it loosen everybody up and let everybody have more fun when Coach Fisher calls trick plays?

I think so. I think those kind of plays and just the whole way he called the game, just throwing the ball a bunch, those trick plays allowed us to play loose and go out and not make mistakes.

You seemed to have a lot more rhythm this week.

At the beginning of the Duke game I was awful really. I felt better and better as the game went on and my timing was much better. That kind of just went right into the BC game. I threw with a little more authority and everything came together.

At what point in the season do you feel the offense started to get a grasp of the playbook?

It's been a slow process. Everything kind of works together. Each week we put in new run checks and put in new pass checks. You can mix them any different combination and I think we finally have a grasp of that.

Do you think you have been looking over your shoulder in the past?

I'm just really focused on doing my job and doing one play at a time. I can just do what I can when I'm out on the field. In the past, I've kind of got a little caught up in it all. I really feel like I'm finally at a point where that's not an issue at all. While I had the opportunity to sit on the bench, I decided that I wasn't going to worry about those kinds of things anymore. I can't control if coach wants to take me out. I can just control what I do when I'm out there.

You think that growth came while you were on the bench?


What do you mean by ‘opportunity' to sit on the bench?

You can find the good out of any situation if you look at it the right way. Looking back, that was a great opportunity for me to sit down and I needed it. Obviously I needed to calm down. I'm obviously more confident. I'm playing better football and have a better perspective.

How important is it to follow up this win with another big one?

I think it's big. It's an area we've struggled with since I've been here is begin consistent. We need to go out and practice as hard as we can and be as focused as we can. If we do that we'll be in that situation to win the ball game.

Talk about Virginia Tech a little.

They haven't changed too much since we've played them before. They've got a lot of speed like we do. They have a good defensive line that could give us some problems. We just have to figure out what the best offensive scheme is for them and go out and execute it.

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