Big Day for Bradham

Today is a day of coronation for Nigel Bradham. Today it is being announced that he has been named as an Army All-American, which has become one of the top honors that can be bestowed on a high school player. NoleDigest caught up with the Wakulla star to talk about this accomplishment, as well as another big announcement and achievement from the state of Florida's top player.

For all senior high school football players, the goal is to go out in style, whether it is winning districts or making it all the way to the state title game. Nigel's senior season has been going very well, as Wakulla is standing at 8-1 going into the rivalry game against Madison this weekend. He says, "The season is going well right now. We won the district championship which was nice because a lot of people thought Godby was going to get it. We fought hard in that game and got it done. We have Madison this week, and that is a big-time game. It is senior night so we want to make sure we go out with a win. Also, this is going to help us going into the playoffs."

Nigel stated to NoleDigest in the summer that it was important to him to win a state title this year. He feels that that goal is attainable. "I know that the first round game is at home versus Arnold. I don't know too much about them yet because I have been watching film on Madison this week. Once I see some film I will know more about them. I heard they were a pretty good team. It's going to be tough, but I think we can make it far this year," stated Nigel.

The Army All-American game has been the preeminent All-Star game for the past 5 years. It has showcased some of the best players in the nation, as many of the players selected have gone onto future college and pro success. The game has seen a number of former Noles play in the game: Lorenzo Booker, Dominic Robinson, Cro Thorpe, James Buchanon, Chauncey Davis, Ron Lunford, Kam Wimbley, Buster Davis, Michael Ray Garvin, Tony Carter, Korey Mangum, Myron Rolle and many others. Nigel hopes to continue that tradition, saying, "It is a big deal and I am glad that I get a chance to play in this game. It is a pleasure to represent for my school, my hometown and Florida State. Getting up there with other top recruits and playing with them is an honor." Nigel also states, "I am really looking forward getting to know some of the other players. I also plan to do a little bit of recruiting while I'm there because National Signing Day will be a month away from that game. I want to help ensure that our class finishes strong."

What some did not expect was the huge announcement that Nigel is going to be an early enrollee for this class. This is a big time deal for the Seminoles as they get an opportunity to add one of their brightest future players in the spring semester. Nigel states, "I have wanted to do this the whole time, and I get a chance to realize my dream. I felt that it was the right thing for me to do as it gets me ahead and helps to get acclimated to college ball. I can't wait to get there. It is exciting to me that I get to go to college at my dream school. The Army game is the 5th, which is a Saturday, and on the 7th I will officially be a student at FSU. Right now we are in the process of getting my classes set up. I've already done the application and all of that stuff. My mom told me she is very proud and she is excited for me. She knows the coaches well and that it is a great place for me academic wise and that they will take care of me."

There have been persistent rumors lately that Nigel is planning an official to the University of Florida. Nigel addresses those rumors, saying, "It is a rumor, which is all. Honestly, I am going down there for a visit when they play FSU. It is unofficial, not an official. Really, it is a big game and I want to go watch FSU play. It is a chance for me to take advantage of seeing a free game. Everyone is going to be there and I want to see it in person. That is all. No one is going to be able to change my mind. It is set."

Even though Nigel has had his decision set in stone for a while, two schools continue to recruit the All-American: LSU and Florida. He says, "LSU and UF still contact me, but they know. They call me once a week, and sometimes I just ignore the call. Coach Strong at UF told me it isn't over until signing day, but it really is. I know some people thought that since my mom was a UF fan that I'd go there. It was weird growing up because I was such a huge FSU fan. I used to tell her when I was a kid I was going to be a Nole, and she would tell me no, you are playing for Florida. But after my mom saw them and everything, she understood my decision."

Nigel is a Seminole through and through. He can be seen at every home game, and tries to catch every away game on television. This past weekend the Noles upset then number 2 Boston College, and it was a game Nigel enjoyed. "Man that was a good game. A lot of us (commitments) text each other during away games. Nigel Carr, Keith Wells, E.J. Manuel, Avis Commack and Moses McCray were some of the guys I was talking to. With C.J. we are always together, so he was watching it with me. We all loved it. The defensive players were bragging about how good the defense is going to be. Watching that game gets me excited to play for FSU and makes me wish I was in there for the games. The games we've lost were games we should have won. They were making some mental mistakes, but from the BC game it looks like they are going to turn it around. Hopefully they can go into this Virginia Tech game and pull it out. It is a big game and it will be another big win for us," stated Nigel.

When talking to Nigel, it is easy to see the excitement he has with regards to FSU. His excitement carried over in the summer when he led the charge with other commitments in helping recruit for the Noles. He says, "The coaches are excited about this class because it is going to give the program the extra boost it needs to help turn the corner. All of us still recruit as much as we can and we are all real close. We have bonded really well and get along real well. People ask me sometimes what's up with C.J. (Holton). He just wants to make sure he is making the right decision. Before he committed FSU and Miami were his top two. I want him to make sure he makes the right call for him. It's a big decision on what school you're attending for the next 4 years. When he went to Miami it was the first time he'd ever been there and he wanted to check it out. But, we talk all the time and he is not wavering."

Before Nigel gets to FSU in January, he has a few things he like to do. He says, "Basically, I want to win states. That is big for my team and myself. I want to go to the All-American game and represent my school and FSU well. I don't want to get too much bigger as I am 6'2" and 230 pounds. Coach Amato told me that he is looking at me as a Will, and that I may get a look at Mike. So right now it looks like I will stay as a Will like I am now, and that is cool with me. If they need me to move inside, I will, because they are almost the same sometimes. But, I am just getting ready for the playoffs and getting ready to realize my dream and play for FSU."

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