Madison County Playmaker

FSU has gotten to work early on the 2009 class. Several of the offers that have gone to local talent, and one of those offered is Madison standout Chris Thompson. The 5'8", 175 pound running back was offered by FSU recently, and NoleDigest caught up with him to talk about this offer and some of the schools that stick out to him this early in the process.

Chris is a quiet kid who lets his play on the field do all of the talking. When asked what this offer meant to him, he said, "I like the overall program over there (at FSU). I like the whole team. I know a lot of kids over there that have come from Madison. I know that if they like it there, I will. It was just a big offer for me. One thing for sure is that if I go there it'll be good to stay close to home, and I'll be able to come home whenever I'm needed or whatever."

While FSU is the first official offer, according to Thompson several schools have given verbal offers so far. "Clemson, Miami and Memphis are the ones I have gotten so far verbally. I know some other schools are interested, but it's just early for me. So far I'd say FSU and Clemson stick out. With Clemson I like the atmosphere and the school. Overall it's a good place to go. I already said what I like about FSU," said Thompson.

Chris has been somewhat of a regular at the home games for FSU. This year he has attended the N.C. State and Miami games, and he came away impressed with some of the things he saw. He mentions, "I went to those games and I like the atmosphere a lot there. FSU has true fans that support the team and have fun at the games. I am planning on making it to the Maryland game next week. Pretty much if FSU is playing at home, I try to make it there."

Madison High has become a pipeline for the Noles. The fact that several players have graduated from there and gone on to play at FSU is a factor for Chris. He explains, "The tradition of guys going to FSU plays a real big part for me. They would be able to help me out with a lot of stuff in terms of what I can and cannot do. They can also help me in becoming better overall. I wouldn't say that I am really close with the guys there right now, but I do talk to them a lot. One guy that I am really close with is Jaccobi McDaniel. Where he goes will probably play a part in what I do. FSU is right there for him."

Chris is a young player but is one of the best running backs in the Tallahassee area this year. He is not resting on his laurels and knows that he has a lot of things he can work on to get better. He says, "I would say that my speed and ability to make plays with the ball in my hands makes me stand out. Some of the things I need to work on are that I don't handle losing very well. I take that too hard. As I gain more experience playing I think my vision will continue to get better. It's one of those the more you play the better you are things. I'd like to continue to get stronger too."

While the childhood fan of Miami and Florida looks to favor the hometown Noles so far, Chris stated that he plans on taking all of his visits when its time in order to make the right decision for himself. "Pretty much I am going to wait and see what is going on. I am looking for academics and a quality program. I'll take all of my visits as time goes along. As more schools offer I will check them out. It's a process, but right now it's kind of early for me to think about it. Other than FSU and Clemson, I'm not sure what else I will check out", said Chris.

The local star is a pure playmaker that the Noles hope to lock up for the 2009 class. He is a prospect that will rank among the top in the state next year, and FSU hopes that they can continue to lock up the local stars, a goal Coach Fisher set when he came in last spring. Stay tuned to NoleDigest as we track the recruitment of Chris and the other 2009 prospects.

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