Myron Rolle Q & A

Noledigest had the opportunity to catch up with Myron Rolle recently to speak about his thoughts on the BC game, the big game coming up against Virginia Tech, and his Sports Illustrated Interview this week.

What were your thoughts heading into the BC game?

All week I had a feeling that something good was going to happen in the game vs. Boston College. Actually, most of my teammates felt the same way. We were very happy with the outcome. To beat the #2 in the nation at their home field with a Heisman candidate at quarterback is a great accomplishment. Matt Ryan is the best QB I have played against in college. But that game is over and now it's time for Virginia Tech.

What are your feelings about Virginia Tech?

Virginia Tech plays two quarterbacks and we will probably see them both. Glennon was the starter in the beginning of the year and has played the last few games. Taylor is the runner of the two and is a true freshman. The receivers for Virginia Tech are probably some of the best we will play all year. They are physical, block well and can run. The coahces have been telling us all week that the key to winning this game is to come out with teh same fire we had for BC, but also win the kicking game because VT is known for their "Beamer Ball."

I understand you recently got interviewed by Sports Illustrated. Is that correct?

Yes, I got interviewed by Sports Illustrated this week. They are doing an article on me, Samari and Antrel Rolle. We are all from the Bahamas and the writer has found a heritage connection as well as some other similarities in our families, manners etc. It should be an interesting article. I am very excited to see how it turns out.

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