Walk on of the Week: Antonio White

In this week's Walk-on of the Week feature, NoleDigest caught up with fullback Antonio White, a Tallahassee native and long-time Seminole fan. Antonio has moved up to second string fullback for FSU, & it's a chance he has been waiting for since he was attended Rickards High. Antonio talks about how he got to FSU, what it means to don the Nole jersey, and his goals for the future after football.

Coming out of high school Antonio was a prospect that wasn't highly recruited, but he did receive a few Division 1 offers from South Florida and North Carolina. What he really wanted was a shot at FSU, and the route he took enabled that. He says, "I was always a fan of FSU being from Tallahassee. I always craved that offer from them and wanted to go there. In high school I was coached by former Seminole Bradley Jennings. I played running back and linebacker, and I felt I really helped to carry the team. He always told me that I was a linebacker, but I loved carrying the ball. I loved the contact playing linebacker but I felt I was always a runner. Anyway, I had to go a different route and went to Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College for a year."

After spending time in Mississippi, Whit contacted Jody Allen, who is in charge of the walk-on program at FSU. White says, "I spoke to Coach Allen about my situation. He told me they wanted to bring me in. Once I got here I was apart of the scout team. That was a good time because it helped me and the team a lot. The second year I was here I had some outside issues I had to deal with so I sat the year out. I am back this year and now I'm second string fullback. I cherish this because they saw something in me and kept the faith in me. I'm trying to return the favor."

Historically FSU has had very good fullbacks who have done well on the collegiate level. From William Floyd, Poo Bear Williams, and the Crockett brothers and so on, the Noles have had talent at this position. While the fullback is used more of an H-back in Jimbo Fisher's offense, this year they haven't had too many opportunities to make plays. For White, it is something he understands, but still is ready if called upon. "In the scheme we run the fullback only has one real play designated to them, but I am just staying ready and focused. At first I was not happy with the playing time I was getting, but it happens for a reason. You now that Tiki Barber commercial where he is driving talking about being focused, that's what I live by. He talked about how he was never the biggest or fastest, but he was ready for his shot. When he got it he ran with it. That's what I am trying to do. I play on the kick off and punt teams, and I feel that makes me more of a complete player. I like playing special teams," stated Antonio.

Like all walk-ons, Antonio feels blessed that he's been able to achieve a life-long goal and play for the Noles. He says, "It's always been a childhood dream to stay home and play for the winningest coach in college football history. I feel blessed that I'm talented enough to play at FSU. Wearing that jersey is an honor, and I appreciate the opportunity the coaches have given me. There are a lot of players that would love to be in my place, so I am happy I got this shot."

After the season Antonio plans to work out in hopes of making an impression at FSU's Pro Day and hopefully the NFL Combine. Also, he will be achieving a big goal in the fact that he is graduating in the spring with a degree in Criminology. He explains," After the season I plan to start training for the combine. I'll give it my all, and if God blessed me in taking it to the next level so be it. I want to be some kind of Federal Agent or private investigator. My uncle has been a PI for many years in Miami and he travels around training new ones. Something like the Feds, Secret Service, etc. interests me because I like not knowing what to expect. I like being kept on my toes. I've taken the philosophy of Coach Fisher, TED, and applied it to my life. FSU is heading back to the glory days, and I hope I can take that and make something of myself."

Please stay tuned to NoleDigest as we track Antonio and the rest of the Seminoles football team as they finish the 2007 season.

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