Is Pressley FSU bound?

Tavares Pressley grew up dreaming about playing for Florida State, and now it looks as though that dream may come true. With the lack of depth at RB the coaches have been looking at other players that can fill the void. Pressley is one of those players, and he spoke to NoleDigest to talk about his recruitment, his dream of playing at FSU, and the qualities that make him a 4-star running back.

While some JUCO players are placed into certain schools in the hopes of making it after 2 years, that wasn't the case for Pressley. He originally went to another JUCO with some players from his hometown, Arcadia, FL. After a year there he decided it wasn't the place for him, moving to El Camino to finish his last year in the JUCO ranks. He says, "In high school I didn't have the grades to go to college, so I went to Monterey Peninsula College with some of the players from my high school. After playing there for a year, I really didn't like it that much. I made the decision to come out here to El Camino and I haven't looked back since. I love it here. It's a great school with great coaches. I'm very happy I made this decision."

Having a very successful freshman season where he had 1,211 yards rushing, 147 receiving yards, 357 yards on returns and scored 23 touchdowns, his recruitment has picked up lately. He explains, "The recruiting is going okay. FSU has been in touch with me over the past couple weeks. Coach Fisher is coming out here in 2 weeks to visit and meet me, and he says it's a done deal that I'll get the offer. The other offers I have are from mostly Pac-10 schools like Oregon, Arizona State, and Arizona."

The potential for an FSU offer is what Tavares has been looking for and it's something that he'd jump on if offered. "FSU stands out to me the most of any schools that have been talking to me. It is closer to home, and that is something I am looking for. I want to get closer to home. My parents really want this for me too. When I was a kid I dreamed of playing for the Noles. If I do in fact get the offer it'll be a done deal for FSU. It would just mean so much to me and my family and it'd be a dream," explains Pressley.

Tavares states that his relationship with Coach Fisher is growing as the two become more acquainted with each other. He says, "I have talked to Coach Fisher twice. He calls Corey a lot, and sometimes I'll talk to him during those calls. Everything is going well so far. He wants to come out here and meet me. He said he's coming out here and that I'll probably be getting the offer. We have already talked about coming to FSU for a visit. We're still in the playoffs and all, so when I am on Christmas break I plan on heading there. It looks like it'll be mid- December or early January. I'm not sure of the dates yet."

The fact that his teammate and close friend Corey Surrency is committed to the Noles is an added bonus for Tavares. "That means a lot to me to tell the truth. He's my roommate here and it would be nice to play another two years with him. He is a positive player and a good person to be around. We've talked if I get the offer of being roommates at FSU, so we'll see. We are both looking at graduating in June and getting straight to FSU," stated Pressley.

Tavares has been impressive in his two years as a JUCO player, and his combination of size and speed is what is attracting attention from colleges across the nation. He explains, "Right now I am 6'1" and 210 pounds. I want to report at 220. I was there before the season started, so I think it'll be easy to get back to that. I feel that my speed (he reports a 4.3 forty) helps me make people miss. I have pretty good vision also. Right now I am working on just getting stronger and faster. We have a good strength and conditioning program here at El Camino, but I know division 1 schools will be a step above that. I haven't had the chance to really watch FSU this year because of the time difference and all, but I feel that if I go there I'll bring a good speed and power combo to the team. I think I'm a complete back who finishes runs. I think I'll make an impact wherever I go."

It looks ad though when/if that offer comes for Tavares, the Noles will gain another commitment to the already strong 2008 class. While he is looking for the school that fits, Tavares is solid in feeling that FSU is it for him, saying, "I want to go to a school that fits me, and FSU is that one. My parents want me to go there and they can see me play. It's the perfect fit and they have everything I am looking at. I love them anyways as a fan, so playing there would top all of this off."

Stay tuned for further updates with Tavares and other 2008 targets for the Noles.

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