Fagg ready for final game at Doak

Back in 2002, Wide Receiver De'Cody Fagg signed with Florida State before learning he did not have a qualifying test score. He spent a year at Hargrave Military Academy before he got the 18 he needed to play Division 1 football. 5 years later, Fagg is entering his final game at Doak Campbell and looks back at this season and his career at FSU.

Fagg had a tough start to the season. In the first couple of game he dropped several passes and found himself more on the sideline than on the field. Then, Alabama week happened where he caught four passes for 95 yards and scored twice. One of the touchdowns being a 70 yard catch and run that would put the ‘Noles' ahead for good. "It's just concentration and focus. I just come out, forget about everything, let it all go, coming out and work hard and concentrate on the ball more and just take it all to the game."

With one last game at home before the team's biggest rivalry next week, Fagg spoke about the importance of winning this week against Maryland. "It would mean a lot because we would have won another ACC game and that would help us out a lot going into playing Florida next week. We need a big win to go in and play those guys because it's tough down there in Gainesville with the crowd and everything, so I think this win would give us a big momentum boost going into Gainesville."

Although everyone knows next week is the game most Seminoles are looking forward to, Fagg is trying to stay focused on this week. "We just gotta take on game at a time. We just can't jump to one game. We need to take care of Maryland first and then take care of Florida next week." With the season coming to an end, so is De'Cody Fagg's career as a Seminole. Looking back at his career, he spoke about what he will remember most about his time at Florida State. "Just growing" Fagg said, "I've grown a lot since I've been here at Florida State. When I first came in, I had a lot of guys in front of me and I just learned from them and when it was my time to come, I just took on the role and now helping out the younger guys. So I think I've grown a lot here at Florida State."

Knowing there isn't a whole lot left to do in his career here. Fagg is looking to go out on a high note and help set a foundation for the future team's here. "I know I would be one of them that played with a lot of the guys that started everything. I would come back and watch everyone play a big role seeing them mature. I'm just ready to see what the team is going to look like (in the future)."

As far as his personal career at Florida State, Fagg has two big games in his mind that really stand out. "There's a couple of them that I'm gonna remember but as of right now, the ones I'm gonna remember the most are the Alabama and Boston College games from this year. Those are the ones that have stood out to me the most since I've been here. Those are two big games that I've had and that's what everyone remembers me by and will unless I step up and do something in these last two games."

With this being the last game De'Cody will ever play at Doak Campbell, he also talked about his most memorable game in Tallahassee. "Miami in my sophomore year. We were down and I caught two big first down plays on third down to bring us back. That's kind of where I stated at." The win by the ‘Noles in that game ended a six game losing streak to the ‘Canes. Fagg will step out on to Bobby Bowden Field for the last time Saturday at Noon when the ‘Noles take on the Terrapins of Maryland. Florida State is currently 3-4 in AAC play and 6-4 overall.

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