Blount likes what FSU offers

This past weekend Florida State finished out their home schedule for the 2007 season beating Maryland 24-18. As one of the top JUCO prospects in the nation he has a wide range of choices when it comes to what college he plans on attending. NoleDigest caught up with the 4-star running back as he came away from the game impressed with what he saw, leaving the Noles at the top of his list.

LaGarrette decided this past week to pop into FSU for an unofficial. With the growing interest the Noles have in the standout, he wanted to get a glimpse into what FSU had to offer before his official visit in December. He says, "I decided to come on an unofficial visit this weekend. The visit was pretty good. It was nice and I liked it a lot. I really enjoyed myself and had a good time."

There were several aspects about the visit that made the trip for LaGarrette enjoyable. He explains, "It was nice seeing all the fans, meeting the coaches and players and watching the offense. I really like how they run the ball. They had a wide receiver out there playing running back. He is a playmaker and had over 130 yards. I can really tell, though, that they're in need of running backs. I feel like I can make an immediate impact there and help the team out. I also got a chance to just walk around the campus. Man, it was really nice. I also liked how the coaches spent time talking to me, showing that they needed a guy like me there."

Offensive line coach Rick Trickett has been Blount's primary recruiter, but he was able to talk to several of the coaches from FSU. He came away impressed with what they had to say. "I talked to Coach Trickett, Coach Fisher, and some others that I don't remember. I think I talked to them all. Coach Amato told me that they like me and they'd love to have me in their offense. I spent some time with Coach Carter too because he'll be my position coach there. He was telling me that the biggest back they have is nowhere near my size and they are looking for the guy who can carry the ball 20-25 times a game," said Blount.

While the fans and the atmosphere were impressive to LaGarrette, he made he paid special attention to the way the Noles rushed the ball and the play calling Coach Fisher uses with the running backs. He says, "I liked the way they ran the ball. I know Parker had over 20 carries, but everyone got their share of carrying the ball. They rushed the ball a lot and I liked that. I also watched the line and how they played. They're much better than the start of the year, and I think they're going to be unstoppable next year. I think I can be the guy who completes that package of an overall great running game."

What some fans don't know is that LaGarrette grew up a fan of FSU's most hated rival in the Florida Gators. For some kids playing for the archrival is not an option, but for Blount it can be thought of as a business decision. "It's kind of weird the fact I like FSU and I grew up such a big fan of Florida. But, wherever I can get to play that's where I am going to go. Florida was on me early but when Moody came over from USC they backed off. For me it's almost like a business decision in terms of my future," explains LaGarrette.

With an outstanding unofficial visit now complete, LaGarrette is looking forward to his official visit December 14th. He explains, "I really didn't think about committing this weekend because I want to wait for my official visit. I'm planning on checking out the things I need to see at that time. FSU is where I am leaning to and they are way out in front. I want to see how they prepare for games, how they practice and how I compare with the backs on the roster right now. I want to see if I can get along with all of the players and coaches. This weekend showed me that should be no problem. Basically I want to check out where I fit overall. At that time I am probably going to go ahead and take care of business (committing)."

Even though he didn't come away this weekend with an offer, he feels confident it is only a matter of time. "They said the offer is coming soon. I sent them a fax of my grades and they want to make sure everything is okay with that. Once it is, it's a done deal. I'm on track to get out of here in December. I just need to make sure my GPA stays where it's at. If everything goes according to plan I won't be going on anymore visits and I will become a Florida State Seminole," stated Blount.

It's only a matter of time before the Noles have another top running back to go along with the standout class they have going. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for future updates with the JUCO star and the rest of the 2008 class.

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