Tim Tebow ready for FSU

This morning UF QB Tim Tebow spoke with the media about a number of different things. Tebow is a serious candidate for the Heisman Trophy. Find out on Noledigest what he had to say.

On getting Percy back this week:

TT: Getting Percy back is huge for us. He is a great player. He gives us another weapon that the defense has to account for. We're looking for the win against a good FSU team and he helps with that.

On TE Aaron Hernandez becoming a weapon:

TT: He gives us another asset. He has been doing very well in practice these last 3-4 weeks. He has been maturing and gotten a whole lot better. He is another weapon and a huge guy that gives us good match-ups.

On Dennis Dixon's injury:

TT: I feel bad for Dennis and I am going to be praying for him. I haven't had too many chances to watch him play but I have heard what a good player he is. I'm sorry he got hurt.

On the Heisman hype and talking to Danny Wuerffel about it:

TT: Honestly I haven't been thinking about it. I'm just focusing all my energies on FSU this week. After that I'll think about some things. With Danny, we don't talk about the Heisman and all. We talk about other stuff.

On TD record:

TT: The coaches have done a great job putting me in a position to score. They do all the work. Also, the players around me have put me in a good position. We have good players and good coaches here. My body is feeling good and I am ready to finish out the season. I am ready for FSU.

On FSU's defense:

TT: I have watched film. They are a good defense who comes in not giving up too many points. They come ready to play. Some of these guys I have met before or played against. They have good athletes, play hard and play fast. They like to run around and make plays.

On relationship with Meyer:

TT: We have a great relationship. We are pretty close. It has grown even more since I have been here. In the football aspect he trusts me more because of my work ethic on and off the field. I am feeling better than I did at the start of the season because I have become a little more patient with things.

On preferring to run or pass:

TT: I try to get the job done to the best of my abilities. I try to do the best job I can and take what I can get. Winning is what is important to me.

On when he felt the offense began to click:

TT: Probably the Tennessee game. That was the first game where it all came together. We were able to put it on them a little bit and it was a big boost for this team. We got things going and got a lot of confidence.

On his first year of playing football:

TT: My very first game I was a running back. The second game they moved me to quarterback. I was 6-7 years old playing for Lake Shore Pop Warner. We played for the states that year. I was in first or second grade then; whatever age you are at that time. I wanted to play QB and I was happy they moved me.

On improving:

TT: We just need to look at winning the games we lost. Offensively we've moved the ball well. We have to be more consistent and play 4 quarters of football.

On importance of QB:

TT: You touch the ball on every play, so if you aren't consistent the offense is going to struggle and you won't have a consistent offense.

On ‘Tim Tebow facts':

TT: We laugh at them a lot. The trainers will point them out. The guys laugh and joke a lot about them so we get a big kick out of them. My favorite is Tim Tebow can believe it's not butter.

On following Heisman race growing up:

TT: I always followed it growing up but not real close. I always rooted for whatever Gator player was up for the award. I am a huge college football fan and I just like to watch that.

*Transcribed by Nate Greer

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