Leonard Hamilton Post Game Comments

Coach Hamilton spoke to the media after Florida State's 78-48 win over Georgia State. He spoke about Uche, Julian,Soloman's progress, and Florida's basketball team.

On Defense

"Toney and Ralph did a much better job guarding the ball. Our wings were much more alert. Glad to get Soloman in the game."

On Soloman's progress

"Process is to increase his activity and see how he responds. Gave him some extended minutes to see how he responds. Don't expect him to be ready by this weekend. Having his presence in there makes a difference. That was a bright spot."

On Uche

"Uche brings the ability to shoot the jump shot. That's what he brings to the table. One of his strengths is stretching the defense.

On Julian

"I think he has potential to be one of those guys we can count on as we move through the season. I think he'll be a very good player for us."

On Isaiah

"I think he's gotten off to a good start. I'm pleased when he gets open looks it's going down"

On the big game coming up with Florida

"Gotta give UF credit. They have a young team that's extremely talented. Seem like they have a bunch of coaches on the court. A big guy that catches everything in the middle. Will test us defensively. They have guys that don't play like rookies. They have a good basketball team. They are legitimate.

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