Corey Liuget Visit Update

This past weekend one of the top defensive players in the state, Corey Liuget, made his official visit to Florida State. NoleDigest caught up with Liuget's head coach Marc Berman to talk about Corey's visit, his relationship with Chuck Amato, how his recruiting is going and when a decision is going to be made on the 4-star's final college choice.

The recruitment of Corey has been an interesting ride for some. Rumors have persisted that he wanted to go out of state, getting as far away from Miami as possible. Some thought that put FSU out of the race for the Hialeah star. Marc says that is not the case, saying, "Corey knows that Tallahassee is far away enough away from Miami and that it'd be a good place for him. FSU has always been it for Corey. He liked it when we visited over the summer."

The official visit to FSU was the third of four planned visits for Liuget. In December he is planning on taking his last visit to Ohio State. For Corey, the visit to FSU opened his eyes according to Berman. He says, "He liked it a lot. He's been to a couple other schools and this was one of the good ones for him. Number one is that he likes Bobby Bowden and the fact he is a legendary coach. He liked the atmosphere too. The coaches told him that the Classic was going on (the FAMU/BCC game); therefore there weren't a lot of people in town. Regardless he still had a good time. This visit showed Corey that he needs to weigh his options. It really opened his eyes a little but further that maybe there's something out there to see. He declined other visits to Rutgers, Georgia Tech and Kentucky to check out FSU. From the visit this summer he knew the museum look FSU has and knew the weight room and facilities were great."

After the visit Corey went home and talked to his family about the visit. They decided that it was best that Corey remain a commitment to Illinois, but the visit to FSU compared very well to the visit to Champaign, IL earlier this year. Berman says, "We didn't go over the other visits too much together. He told me the one's he liked and the one's he didn't. With Illinois he liked the family atmosphere up there. That was the big thing and the reason he committed. With LSU they play great football, but Corey wasn't too thrilled with the school itself. He wasn't as impressed with them as he was with Illinois and Florida State. These schools have been recruiting him very hard. Ohio State and Illinois were at the school today. I haven't spoken to Coach Amato, but I expect him to come down to soon."

The relationship that Coach Amato has built with Corey and Coach Berman is one of the reasons why the Noles have remained in strong consideration to land the 6'3" 270 pound star. "Coach Amato has done a great job recruiting Corey. They have built up a great relationship. While some schools are waiting to see Corey when he gets on campus, FSU has been recruiting Corey as an end. He has also spoken to Coach Haggins and Coach Lilly, but I deal with Amato a lot. He calls me and speaks to Corey often when he does. They've been writing him a couple times a week," said Berman.

Simply put, Liuget had a very good visit to FSU and it put the Noles at the top of his list with Illinois. With a visit to Ohio State and a decision later in the month of December, Corey is focused on looking at the aspects that will ultimately determine what school he goes to. Coach Berman says, "Depth chart is a concern. All of the schools mentioned he should be able to get on the field pretty early. FSU is one of those were he could get on the field soon. He also wants to experience a great college life and just get an opportunity to excel, maybe even develop to get a shot to play in the NFL. I think Corey will come out and say what he's going to do before the holidays. Illinois, Florida State, Ohio State and LSU are his final four. Some thought Georgia was going to be his choice, but I don't know what happened. He hasn't shown too much interest in them, therefore they haven't been recruiting them much anymore."

While he still remains committed to Illinois, FSU did a great job with Corey this past weekend and has positioned themselves to possible land this talented south Florida star. After his visit to Ohio State in December, expect a final announcement to come shortly after. Stay tuned to NoleDigest to see if the Noles are able to steal away one of Illinois top commitment for the 2008 class.

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