Post FSU-UF Game Comments

Coach Bowden, Preston Parker, Gary Cismesia, Dekoda Watson and Tim Tebow comments after the UF-FSU Game.

Bobby Bowden

"We could not get in the red zone. I told our offensive staff last week, several times, the two things we've got to be good in to win is in the redzone and third-and-one. We didn't do good in either area. We've moved the ball pretty good though.

"The other thing was field position. We moved the ball well, but we had to do it, because we always had 90 or 100 yards to go when we got it. But you have to hand that to them (Florida), they won the kicking game, the defensive game and the offensive game. Football is two things, blocking and tackling, and we couldn't do either one of them. We simply could not tackle them. We couldn't tackle Tebow and we couldn't tackle that No. 1 (Percy Harvin).

On Tebow

"You know, he's always been better than I thought. I saw him in high school. I knew he was good. I've seen him in college and he's better than I thought. I knew before we played against him tonight that he was good, but after we played against him, he was better than I thought. We could not get him down. If he doesn't win the Heisman Trophy, it's because of the sophomore thing. But if he doesn't, he should win the next two years."

On his decision to go for the long kick

"He kicked one last week in practice," FSU coach Bobby Bowden said. "If he hadn't we probably wouldn't have even tried it."

"I've been through six in a row for them," Bowden said. "We'll come back. Right now they're having their day. Miami had theirs, we had ours and now they're having theirs."

Preston Parker

"This was a tough loss for our team. We didn't execute as well as we could have and they did. We traded them touchdowns for field goals, and you can't win the game that way.

"They just pounding us and pounding us. Tebow and Harvin did their thing and we couldn't stop them. Then the rest of their team started making plays. They simply had more playmakers than we did."

Gary Cismesia

"I just went out there, didn't think about it, and treated it like a normal kick. I had the wind at my back and gave it what I had. At first, it went left. But it curved back and fell in there. I kicked a 57-yarder in high school, so this was my longest make in a game situation.

"I was hoping that would give us a big lift. We needed the points bad at the time and it gave us a big morale push at the half.

"That's amazing," Cismesia said on tying Janikowski's record. "It's good company to have around me. He's the best to ever kick here."

Dekoda Watson

"Tebow is a heck of a player," sophomore linebacker Dekoda Watson, who finished with a career-high nine tackles, said. "They did a little bit of everything and it was tough to cover."

"It's just one of those things where you get frustrated, but you have to stay poised," Watson said. "They're a good offense, but there were a lot of mistakes that we made. I'm not saying that can't be stopped because they can."

Tim Tebow

"It was a big win for the senior and for all of us. It's a huge game, a huge rivalry game. We came in focused and prepared and we showed it.

"We were able to execute and manage for the most part. The two times we didn't score, I think it was two or three, was because it was second and sixteen's and different situations like that. As long as we stay in manageable situations, we can be a tough offense to stop.

On Harvin's return

"It's huge having him because he's a great player. He did a phenomenal job for us. It's fun having him back.

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