Pressley fulfills a life long dream

Tuesday was a great day for FSU as they landed commitment number 20 for the 2008 class in star JUCO running back Tavares Pressley. The 4-star standout talked with NoleDigest about realizing his lifelong dream playing for the Noles, as well as some of the things he's looking to accomplish before getting to Tallahassee in June.

It is imperative for FSU that they land 2-3 running backs for this class. As we have talked about time and again, the position is weak spot on the team and the coaches are focused on improving that position through this class. With Jermaine Thomas and British Footman already committed, landing this JUCO superstar helped the coaches realize one of their goals for this class. For Tavares, it is a dream comes true. He said, "I cannot really put in words how happy I am right now. Two years ago when I first went to JUCO I never thought I'd get here. I knew FSU is where I wanted to be, but I never really thought I'd get a chance to realize this dream. My parents are really excited about this because they really wanted me to come back to Florida and be at FSU. This is a big dream come true for me and we've been talking about that a lot. Coach Fisher hasn't met my parents yet, but both sides are very anxious to meet."

It was widely known that offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher was going out to California to meet Pressley and verify his size, as well as get to know the kid as a player and person. The two sides hit it off, and for Tavares the offer was icing on the cake. "Like I told you earlier, when he offered me I jumped right on it. When I committed he said well, now you're a Seminole. He was telling me they need a back like me that can catch, run and break tackles. I think that's what I do best. He said that if I come in and work hard and prove myself, there is a good chance that I can start. He said that the job is going to be open and that what happens when I get there is up to me. He wanted to know how I felt about myself as a player and person, and we talked about how FSU sees me as a player. Coach Fisher said they see me as a possible starter. I have the pro size and speed and I can make guys miss. I think I'm going to be able to come in and contribute right away," said Pressley.

When it comes to the whole size aspect, Tavares continued, saying, "Well, he wanted to see my size in person. When I walked in he said that I passed the eyeball test. He really got to know me as a person and my personality. Coach had said before that it was a 99.9% chance I was going to be getting this offer. Honestly, I had told him before he came to see me that as I got the offer I would commit. They already saw my highlights and all, so when he saw me in person it was a wrap."

With the goal of 2-3 running backs in this class a fact, there is still a question or two to be answered. With the possibility of British Footman not qualifying, there is a chance the Noles bring in another back in this class. That guy is most likely going to be LaGarrette Blount from Mississippi. Tavares said," Fisher told me that they were probably going to bring in one more back, and that he was going to be the kid from Mississippi. He asked me if I'd be okay with that. I told him yeah because competition makes you better and I am up for the challenge. I am ready to come and get it done."

As a 2 year JUCO back, Tavares is a bit more developed than some of the high school kids the Noles are looking at bringing in. He explains, "I feel that I can bring the talent in the backfield and help the running game. I can bring a homerun threat and help them win some games. I don't like to lose and I am bringing that winning mentality with me. Before stats and anything else is winning. I want to win more than anything. I plan on being a winner at FSU."

Tavares has a few goals that he wants to accomplish before getting to FSU. "I am lifting now and getting in better shape. I want to get a little bigger and faster. I am planning on being 220 when I get to FSU. I am preparing to get the starting position next year. It's on me to come in and work. I plan on staying at FSU for two years because I want to experience Division 1 football. I want to get out of it what I can. Plus, who wouldn't want to spend two years at FSU," said Pressley.

With his college destination set and life-long dream realized, Tavares says that he plans on focusing on school and graduating. He states," I am glad that I know where I'm going to school and now I can focus on finishing strong here. I am graduating in June with Corey Surrency. He is really happy that I am coming to FSU. We are both happy that we are going to be playing together for two more years. It is where the both of us would talk and dream about going. I am planning on visiting soon. When Coach Fisher gets back he is going to call me to set up the official. I am exited I am ready to go."

With commitment number 20 in place, FSU's class keeps getting better and better. Stockpiling a position of need is going to help the Noles in getting back to where they want to be; that is being a national title contender. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates on the 2008 recruiting class.

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