Trickett prototype OL likes FSU

Offensive line is a vital position this year for the class of 2008. Even though there is only one kid committed in Andrew Datko, the Noles are hot on the trail of several recruits. One of those players is Jax. Bolles standout Garrett Faircloth. NoleDigest caught up with the offensive tackle prospect, who is currently committed to UCF, to discuss his recruitment and where FSU stands right now.

For Faircloth, his recruitment got off to sort of a slow start. He committed early to UCF, but has seen the interest from other schools increase lately. He says, "Recruiting is going well right now. I am still committed to UCF. I am taking it all in little by little as offers are coming in. Vanderbilt offered me on Monday and Ole Miss offered two weeks ago. Ball State and Furman are telling me an offer is coming shortly."

One school that Faircloth is eagerly waiting to hear from is Florida State, and it looks like that is beginning to come to frutrition. Faircloth stated, "Coach Trickett is coming to my school to visit soon. I am not sure if he is going to offer me or not. I had knee surgery last year and he's been waiting to see how that is going. For me it was mental stuff, but I played hard this year. When I visited for the Maryland game I brought my x-rays for the team doctor to see. He said I was good to go and Trickett was very happy about that. He said that I'd be hearing from them soon."

There has been some talk that if an offer was extended to Faircloth there would be a change in his commitment. He talks about that, saying, "I have very strong interest in FSU. I grew up a Gator-hater as a Georgia fan, and FSU would be an awesome program to be at. It's a great place with a lot of tradition. If I got the offer it would give me a lot of things to think about. FSU is definitely still in it for me. I have been to two games on unofficial visits (Miami and Maryland), and if they offer I will schedule an official visit to them."

Coach Trickett has developed a reputation throughout his career as one of the toughest, if not the toughest, offensive line coaches in the nation. For some players he is too much to handle, for others he is the challenge they're looking for. For Garrett the chance to play for Trickett would be a challenge he'd love to face. "Our relationship is building up right now. He is a tough coach but I am always up for a challenge. I am willing to do different things, and with Trickett you have to be ready," said Faircloth.

Faircloth is a player who is still developing, but shows signs that he can be a dominating force down the road. He says, "As a player with my size I'm mobile and move well. I have gotten a lot bigger and I handle my size very well. It's all coming together for me. I need to keep working, though, especially on my leg strength. I lost some of that with the knee injury, but it's getting better. I'm 6'6" and 265 pounds right now, so I'll just keep working to get where I need to be."

While FSU is just now turning up the heat for Garrett, he has some aspects that he's looking for in a school. "I want to be comfortable. I want to have a good relationship with the players and coaches and I want a good atmosphere to play in. I am not sure what I want to do major in, though. I am looking for that overall good fit. I'm not worried about the playing time yet, as I just want to get to a place and go from there," said Faircloth.

While Garrett remains a commitment to UCF, there is a good possibility that an offer and good visit to FSU will change that. With the combination of size and mobility that Coach Trickett looks for in a player, there is a good chance that that offer is going to come soon. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates on Garrett as well as other prospects for the 2008.

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