Fisher & Carter visit with Commack

Avis Commack is one of the top wide receiver prospects in the state of Florida for the 2008 class. This past summer the 4-star recruit committed to FSU along with his teammates Nigel Carr and Jermaine Thomas. NoleDigest caught up with the standout to talk about how his senior season has been going, the playoffs and some of his thoughts about the Seminoles this season.

From the start of the season First Coast has been one of the best teams in the state of Florida. After getting national exposure on ESPN and hitting a bumpy stretch in the middle of the season, Commack states that he and his team are rolling going into this week's game versus Pace. He says, "Things are going really well right now. I started the season pretty mediocre stat wise mainly because Jermaine was doing so well and they were feeding him the ball a lot. I've been getting a lot more touches and all so my season has gotten better. I've been really trying to be a leader this year. Now we've all picked it up and ready."

Last week Commack and First Coast played national power Lincoln. Many people didn't give them a shot against the Trojans, but First Coast came out and dominated the entire game. Commack explains, "We are in the 3rd round this week against Pace. Last week we played Lincoln and no one thought we had a shot. It was big for our team. We really showed the strength of our team and program. We really wanted to win that game and show all of the doubters what was up. We were up for that game, and all of the talk saying we had no shot made us even more ready. It was a great win."

Earlier this week Commack and the other First Coast guys welcomed a few coaches from FSU for a visit to their school. Coaches Lawrence Dawsey, Jimbo Fisher and Dexter Carter popped into First Coast before practice to see how the trio was doing. "They talked about the UF game some and compared this year to next. We talked more about life and stuff like that, about grades and all of that. All of us are good to go. They told us how they needed some more playmakers and that they were ready for us to get there. They've been telling me that they are going to play me out wide and use me some on reverses and stuff like that because I can run and have good speed. I am going to come in as a deep threat. If I can get some weight on, I think I'll play next year. If I don't, I'll redshirt. I am okay with what happens either way," said Commack.

Speaking of the Florida game, Commack said that it was a tough game to see. He said," I really didn't watch too much. One thing that stood out about that game is that FSU needs guys who can make the plays. Jermaine was indifferent about it, but that's how he is. Nigel was really upset about it. We all care very much about the team and wanted them to win."

With the commitment locked in and the run to states on-going, Commack is focusing on a few things that'll make his transition to college easier. He said," I am trying to gain a little more weight. Right now I am 6'4" 180 pounds. I think I'll be able to be a healthy 185-190 before I get there. I'm playing basketball and running the hurdles, 4x100 and high jump for track. I am going to hit the gym real hard with Nigel and Jermaine too after the season. Coach Dawsey said that I may be able to run track if I'm able to stay on my game on the football field, so we'll see how that goes. I've been to FSU 3 times on unofficials so far this year, but I'll probably take my official sometime in January. I'm not sure yet on when. I'm waiting for our season to finish strong and I'll go from there."

Avis was a great early get for FSU. He is a raw, but very talented playmaker who will flourish under Dawsey and Fisher. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates on Avis and the rest of the commitments for the 2008 recruiting class.

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