Where are they Now: Lamont Green

Where are They Now is an original feature that started on NoleDigest. This week we caught up with former linebacker Lamont Green to see what he's been up to since he left FSU in 1998. Some of the things he talks about are becoming a coach at a high school in Miami, his thoughts on playing at FSU, and the direction the Noles are heading in the future.

Like many former Seminole players, Green became a football coach after his playing days were over. He explains, "I am actually an ESE teacher and defensive coordinator at Dr. Michael M. Krop High in Miami. I got my Master's Degree in education from Nova Southeastern. I enjoy teaching. This year I have one of the top linebackers in the nation in Etienne Sabino and one of the top corners in Travis Howard. Coaching was something that I always wanted to do. After the NFL I got into the little league level. I had a good relationship with former Miami Hurricane coach Don Sollinger. When he left Miami he was going to become the head coach at Krop. He called me up and asked me if I was interested in becoming his defensive coordinator. Some things happened and Don didn't become the coach, but I decided to go ahead and stay. I've been here two years now. We are 6A football and we finished with the 2nd ranked defense in Dade, which is a big accomplishment. We've done alright this year, but it's been a little bit of a challenge, but that's football."

Coming out of high school, Green was one of the most heavily recruited players in the nation. The former Miami-Southridge star was the top linebacker in the country and was named USA Today's Defensive Player of the Year. From being a 3-time All-State player and 2-time state champion, Green accomplished a lot on the high school level. At the time Miami was still a national power, and they often locked up their hometown talent. But for Green it was one coach at FSU that sealed the deal for the Noles. "I was the number recruit the year I came out and I had a lot of choices of schools. But the relationship I developed with Chuck Amato was the reason I went to FSU. He was the first coach to recognize me as a player my freshman year. He was the first coach to send me a hand-written letter my freshman year. My wife was a little older than me at the time and she was a student-athlete at Miami. I considered them, but for me the choice was a person I had developed a relationship with or just the school. With Chuck we had a great relationship and he made me feel the most comfortable. That's what I've told my players, go somewhere you feel comfortable because football doesn't work out for everyone. That's a reason why Sabino and Howard are going to Ohio State," said Green.

Green had the opportunity to play at FSU while they were in the midst of their dynasty run. For Green playing at FSU meant that you were highly skilled and had the ability to get it done in all aspects of the game. He says, "I had an excellent time at FSU and it's without a doubt one of the highlights of my life. We had some great players there. Some of didn't get the recognition that others got, but I felt that I did a good job there. The competition level there was crazy. We all competed at everything we did. All of the positions on defense were loaded. Defensive line, linebackers, corner and safeties all had depth and guys who knew they were going to the league. You had to go full speed all the time and we were all playmakers. It was full speed ahead if you wanted to make a tackle. Everywhere you looked someone was making a play. Right now, you look at guys like Geno Hayes, and they don't have that. They don't go full speed."

For many former players, Bobby Bowden had a resounding influence on their lives, helping develop them into young men. For Green, both Bowden and Mickey Andrews had an impact on him, and he's tried to implement those attributes into his coaching style. "Bobby cares about his players. He wants to mold them into young men when you're there. Mentally and spiritually he had such an impact on me and helped me so much. With Mickey the big thing I took away from is that he drives you so much. He makes you into that guy who doesn't quit. He'll drive you to the very end and see if he can trust you to make that game saving play in the end zone or important tackle on forth down. They've both been positive role models to me. Mickey's tenacity and knowledge about the game was great. None of his players want to let him down," said Green.

While Lamont didn't have the success in the NFL as some of his former teammates from that era, the chance to play in the league allowed him to accomplish one of his goals since childhood. He stated, "I played two years with the Falcons and two years with the Panthers. I had two cortically blown out elbows. After the second one I decided it was time to hang it up. They had to completely rebuild my left elbow in 1999, and in 2002 I hurt my right one. Looking back I didn't make that A-Rod type money that I wanted, but not a lot of players can say they made it to the NFL. I didn't have the career I wanted, but I was able to accomplish one of my goals in life of playing in the NFL. That's the important thing and I'm proud of that."

Even though Lamont is busy coaching and teaching, he does take time to watch what's been going on with the Noles. He says, "The main thing is that recruiting is going to get back to where it was with Amato being back. People really don't understand his impact, especially on the kids from Miami. South Florida is vital to what were trying to do at FSU. There is no coincidence that when Chuck went to N.C. State the kids followed him there. Mickey and Chuck make a great team, and they'll get it done. You saw with this year the defense was hitting a little bit, but they were also missing. With Chuck back that's going to eventually change."

It's clear to see that Green has done well since leaving FSU. He still has a passion for FSU and wants to see them succeed. He is a true Nole and appreciates everything FSU allotted him. Stay tuned to the home of the original Where are They Now, NoleDigest, for future updates with former Nole greats.

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