Bradham returns from FSU with plenty to say

This past weekend Florida State had 5 recruits making their official visits to check out the Noles. The crown jewel of the defensive class, Nigel Bradham, was one of those players. Bradham spoke to NoleDigest about it. He also talked about his impression of the some of the other visitors, who he's rooming with in the spring, and what he's planning on doing before he gets to FSU in January.

Nigel is arguably the top linebacker in the nation for the 2008 class and one of the overall top players to come out of Florida over the past couple years. Landing the early commitment from him was a major coup for the Noles as it has paid off in many ways. One of those ways has been the work Nigel has put in recruiting his fellow classmates to FSU, and that is one thing he worked on doing this weekend. He said, "Man, we had a great time. You saw that David Spurlock committed. Me and Terrance (Parks) were telling Quinton Coples and Leon Mackey they have to come here to be apart of something great and that we're going to bring the National Title back home. I know they were having a great time and that they spoke to Coach Allen about the need for defensive ends. They know how thin we are and we could use them. I didn't get a chance to speak to them before I left. If I could have I would've gotten a better feel as to what their thoughts were. They realized they could get some playing time here. I think they'll both be Noles in the end. They liked how FSU has legendary coaches at almost every spot. Coach Stroud was impressed with them because they are some big boys. You can tell they put work in."

The other commitment that made his official visit was cornerback Terrance Parks. Nigel and Parks spent a lot of time together, and that bond is going to continue into the spring. He said, "Me and Terrance spent most of the time together. We are going to be roommates when we get here in the spring. He's been solid the whole time, but this visit really sealed the deal for him. I'm excited that we're going to be roommates, though. We get along pretty well."

Among the things Bradham and the coaches talked about was the number he planned on wearing when he steps onto the field. Some people were wondering if he'd don the number 2 jersey, or move away from that number. "I wanted number 13, and I'll be able to get it because Brandon Paul is going to move to number 8. I am happy about that. Some people wondered if I was going to wear 2, but it has too many names tied to it. I want to take number 13 and make that my own number. You never really see too many linebackers with that number."

Even though Nigel has been to FSU for many visits, this official allowed him a chance to have an extended amount of time with the academic department. Also, it allowed him a chance to hang out with his soon-to-be teammates even more. He said, "I got a chance to learn about the academic process. We are going to wait until right before I get there to set up my schedule. I know for sure I am taking 4 classes so I can get used to it and get a head start. That was a great thing about this visit. I hung out with my host, Kendall Smith, too. We met last year through the recruiting process and have been friends since. I got the chance to bond with the players more than I normally have. I mean I already feel like I am apart of the team, but it was important that I do that."

One of the major topics Nigel and the coaches discussed was playing time and where they see Nigel playing next year. "I know I am going to be on special teams next year for sure. Coach Amato said that they don't want to redshirt me. In order for me to see playing time I am going to have to learn the scheme. They feel that I have the potential and talent to contribute right away. We'll have to see how the spring goes. Hopefully I'll make the rotation. I hope Geno (Hayes) stays so I can learn from him. I am sure he can help me out on some things. Between watching film and studying the playbook I think I'll get the scheme down. I wanted them to give me the playbook early but they aren't allowed. I tried to get it but they said no (laughs)," said Bradham.

The meetings with the coaches and academic staff weren't the only highlights for Nigel on this visit. He explains, "All of the defensive visitors had a meeting with the coaches to go over the defense. All of the defensive coaches were there. That was pretty cool. We also got a chance to go to Bobby Bowden's house. That was a great time. We ate dessert there. I'll tell you what, Ann makes the best banana pudding I've ever had. I got a chance to chill with Coach with some one-on-one time. He was telling me and Terrance that he is excited and ready for us to get on campus and contribute to the team. That was a definite highlight. This visit was a 10. It was exactly what I expected, maybe even more."

Now that his official visit is out of the way Bradham is focusing on the All-American game and getting ready to come to FSU. "I'm just going to keep running so I can get ready for these mat-drills. I can't come in and make a bad first impression. I am just getting ready for the Army game, working out and trying to stay in shape. I have more motivation in the gym now that I see this all happening. I want to get to 235 before so I am going to continue to work hard. Getting faster and stronger and keeping my agility are focuses for me moving forward," stated Bradham.

Nigel mentioned in the interview that he is going to do his best to represent FSU at the All-American game and help spread the word that FSU is going to be back. With his work ethic and personality, that shouldn't be too hard a chore for him to complete. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Nigel as well as the rest of the 2008 recruiting class.

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