Jimbo Fisher announced as successor to Bowden

Today was a huge day in Florida State football history. Jimbo Fisher was named as the successor to the most winningst coach in Division 1-A College Football.

Tallahassee, FL- One of the worst kept secrets in college football was made official today when Florida State University President TK Wetherell announced that Seminole offensive coordinator, Jimbo Fisher, would be the successor to Coach Bobby Bowden when Bowden decides to retire.

"When Bobby Bowden steps down, Jimbo will be the head coach," president TK Wetherell declared. At the press conference, the contracts were not revealed, and they will be finalized with interim Athletic Director William Proctor within the next week or two.

"I am pleased that in my discussions with coaches Bowden and Fisher and President Wetherell, we have come to an agreement in principle on this succession plan.We believe this plan insures that our football program is stable and competitive at the very highest level now and in the future," Proctor said.

With the program showing some signs of stability at the head coach position, just how might this affect Coach Bowden knowing that his successor is waiting in the wings?

"I think it's a great plan. My position hasn't changed, and I do have an obligation to the university to win enough games." Bowden stated. As for the relationship between Bowden and Fisher, both coaches appeared to have a twinkle in their eye as if to say that the future of Florida State football is only going to get better and brighter.

Both coaches spoke highly on each other. Bowden stated that Jimbo "had the stuff" to be a great college football coach. On the other hand, Jimbo Fisher spoke about Bowden with the highest of respect and admiration.

"I am very humbled," Fisher stated. Jimbo continued to speak about how he wanted to make Tallahassee his home where he can raise his two young sons. When will Bobby Bowden retire, no one really knows? We should be finding out more in detail within the next couple weeks.

The future at Florida State now has some answers to questions that were inevitably going to take place. That future goal is to bring Florida State back to the past where they found themselves among the elite in the college football landscape. Fisher knows what kind of legacy Bowden has left here, and it will be difficult task to duplicate.

"We all want the future, but sometimes history is our greatest teacher," Fisher said.

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