Spurlock speaks about becoming a Nole

This past weekend Florida State landed their 22nd commitment in Tennessee offensive lineman David Spurlock. After a great visit he decided to make the commitment official. NoleDigest caught up with the Murfreesboro, TN stay for a question and answer session to talk about his commitment and his visit to FSU this past weekend.

David is a kid who doesn't say much when you talk to him. As respectful and quiet kid, Spurlock in one of those traditional linemen who let their actions speak more so than his words. We caught up with him to catch his thoughts on the commitment and what he expects when he comes to FSU in the summer.

Congratulations on the commitment. Can you talk about why you decided to officially pull the trigger this weekend?

DS: I really like the coaches, the weather and the recruits they have. I fell in love with the place when I got there. One thing that caught my attention was Coach Trickett telling me that I have a chance to play early. If I come in and work, he said I'd be an option.

Tell us about your visit. What are some of the things that stood out to you?

DS: The visit was great. Getting a chance to meet Bobby Bowden was amazing. I got a lot of time to talk to Coach Trickett. I talked to Nigel Bradham some too. He is a big boy to be playing linebacker. We talked about the schemes and how they play. I know he is a tough coach but he'll make you better. I loved the school and the facilities. There is no comparing to other schools. It's not close. I just loved it all.

What position are they recruiting you as?

DS: I'm a guard right now but some of the current linemen told me he likes to move guys around and that there's a chance I'd be playing some tackle.

What was the experience like talking to Bowden?

DS: It's like talking to a legend. He just told me how FSU got into the ACC and about playing time.

What is your opinion on the coaching situation with Fisher?

DS: I like it because they're able to replace the coach with a current staff member instead of replacing the whole staff.

Who was your host and what were some of the things you did?

DS: Will Furlong was my host. We went out and hung out and talked about Trickett a bit. I loved it and the girls there are impressive. It seems like everyone is cool with everyone and it's no too cliquish. I hung out at Bird a lot and met the football players.

What did your parents think of the visit?

DS: They love it maybe more than I did. They wanted whatever made me happy.

Where do you go from here?

DS: FSU just blew my socks off so I am 100% committed. I am playing in the East-West Tennessee All-Star game. I was a finalist for Mr. Lineman, so I just want to work out and finish my basketball season. Coach Trickett told me he doesn't want me over 285, but if I do they run us so I'll be able to lose the weight. I'm glad my commitment is done and this process is over with.

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