FSU gets last shot at OL Sanders

The coaches have been scouring the nation looking for recruits that will help turn around the program. One of those players FSU has been on lately is 4-star lineman Zebrie Sanders. NoleDigest caught up with the Clayton, OH standout to talk about, among other things, how FSU has turned up the heat and the reason why it's pushed back an announcement he thought he'd have done by now.

Zebrie has stated in previous updates with Scout.com that he was looking to get his recruitment process over with at Army All-American game. But Florida State has come in and thrown a wrench in those plans. He said, "Recruiting has been going pretty well. I am close to a decision and I plan to get it over with in January. I was going to do it at the Army game, but I have decided that I am going to visit FSU before that. They've done a good job recruiting me lately. I have my official visit scheduled for January 12th."

One of the reasons why FSU has made a strong push recently is because of offensive line coach Rick Trickett. "We have a pretty good relationship," said Sanders. "I like him and I want to make a trip to Tallahassee to check out what they have to offer. I know he's a coach that is going to get on you, but I like that. I have talked to Coach Lilly, too. He is a pretty cool guy. When I go down for my official I am supposed to talk to Coach Fisher. That's something I am looking forward to."

Recently Coach Trickett made an in-home visit to see Sanders. Zebrie said that visit went very well and that it made a good impression on him and his parents. He said, "We talked about how he runs his blocking schemes and the different packages he likes to run. Pretty much it was just about his playing style. My family really likes him."

While FSU is making a push right now and look to viable option, Sanders still has two teams out front at this time. "Right now I still have Georgia and Florida as the top two. FSU is coming on," said Sanders. "Georgia, South Carolina and Louisville will all be here this week for in-home visits. I think LSU is going to also. I have a lot going on. I just have to go down to FSU and check out what is going on down there and see if I get along with the players. I am from South Carolina so I want to get back down south to play college football. That is going to be my last official, so after my visit to Louisville this weekend I'll have the information necessary to make the right decision."

For know Sanders is just trying to get into shape so he can make the transition to college ball. He said, "Right now I am 6'6" and 277 pounds. I want to put on some more weight, but that shouldn't be a problem. I move well for being a tackle so I want to make sure I keep that. I've been a starter now for 3 years so I have learned a lot about the game. Mainly I just need to work on my strength and run blocking. I think that'll come when I get into a program."

For Sanders this whole process is wearing thin. Expect an announcement sometime after his FSU visit. "I'm just ready to get this done, you know. All the coaches coming by, the calls; I mean I like it, but it's a lot to deal with. After my visit to FSU I am going to come home and make the decision. It's going to come down to where I am most comfortable, how I get along with the players and the location," said Sanders.

While FSU is till behind Georgia and Florida, it looks like they've given Sanders a lot to think about. The decision to put off the announcement bodes well for FSU, and the fact that they get the last shot at him is a good thing for the coaches. But, FSU must show Sanders a good time to ensure that they'll remain a viable option for him come announcement time.

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