Carr:Something special is going on at FSU

April 15th was a great day for FSU as they landed 2 of the best linebackers in the nation on the same day. One of those players was 4-star outside linebacker Nigel Carr. After a senior season that saw his First Coast team make it further in the playoffs than they ever had, he has turned his focus to getting to FSU. NoleDigest caught up with the standout to talk about what he's been up to & more

After a nationally televised game in August where Nigel sustained an injury, his season turned out very well and it was an experience he soon isn't going to forget. He said, "Everything is going good right now. My senior season went well. After the slow start in South Carolina I turned it on and my team and I had a great year."

Nigel was one of the first kids to commit to the Noles in the spring and has sense been one that has spearheaded the growing relationships among recruits. One of the things they talk about is how the season went for the Noles. He said, "I came to two games for unofficials (Miami and N.C. State). The season for FSU was okay. When you watch them you can see we weren't deep enough at some spots and we need some more talent. I really feel this class is going to bring it back. This is a tight and real good class we got going right now. I'm excited, man."

After the 2006 season the Noles made drastic changes to their staff. One of the guys who paid immediate dividends to the Noles was former great Lawrence Dawsey. He has made a major impact on the talent in Jacksonville and is a primary reason why Carr committed to FSU. "Coach Dawsey is the reason why I committed to FSU so early," said Carr. He continues, "I trust him and he is a guy who I can learn about life from. He is one of those guys I can talk to when I need to. I liked the program and what Coach Amato is going to do with it, too. I feel like Amato can take me to that next level. I've always been a Nole fan, so with those two I just was ready. My mom was really excited for me when I did it because she is a big fan of mine and she'll be able to come see me play."

Nigel has built strong bonds with several of the FSU commitments. One of the recruits he's been close with for a while is Nigel Bradham. He says, "When Nigel and I first committed we knew we needed to get FSU on the map. Once the coach's ability got out there and they saw what was going on, kids started committing all over. I was one of the kids who spent time calling kids and trying to get people to come. Once school started and all I wasn't able to as much. We all know we have something special going on at FSU."

Now that coaches are scouring the nation making visits, Carr played host to Amato this past Sunday. "Coach Amato came by my house last Sunday. He was telling me that they want me to come in as a Sam. We talked about schemes and the defense and how they don't have enough linebackers to do what they want. We also talked about me putting my hand down on 3rd and long because I like to rush the passer. I'm a linebacker at heart and that is where I want to play. They haven't said anything to me about taking a redshirt. If I learn the scheme and come in and compete. I think I'll be playing next year."

Now that his season is completed he has been working with another member of the "First Coast Trio" in Jermaine Thomas. "Jermaine and I have been hitting the gym real hard. Avis (Commack) is playing basketball so he doesn't have the time to work out as much as we do. We are working hard to make it on the next level. We're hitting the gym hard. Right now I am 230 pounds and I don't really want to put on anymore weight. Jermaine and I run a lot before we get into the gym so we don't get too stiff. I am looking at working on my speed because the college level is much faster than the high school level," stated Carr.

The fact that he has been committed for a long time means that Carr has had to listen to pitches from other college coaches for some time now. At first, Nigel considered taking some visits, but as of now that won't happen. He explains, "I am 100% committed to FSU, and so is Jermaine. With him he is going to take the visit because he got an opportunity to go check them out. The thing is if I was to take visits, and it's the same with Jermaine, is that you want to keep these relationships going good with the coaches. You don't want to ruin it for any other kids coming from your school. Sometimes you have to show them some love so they come back to your school for the other guys. That's a reason why some of us have taken visits."

With one official planned to FSU, the only question left is when he plans on making the visit. "I am taking my official to FSU January 19th. I am excited about my visit. Even though I've been there several times, I want to get a chance to hang out with the players and get to know them. I've seen them on game days and all so know I want to see how they are experiencing college," said Carr.

With a firm commitment still in place and a visit coming up, all that is left for Carr is to wait until June. "I am fully qualified and all that good stuff. I thought about coming early, but my 9th grade year messed that up. I wanted to do it, but it gives me more time to work hard," said Carr. "You know, I never planned on committing as early as I did. I thought I'd take all 5 of my officials. People thought I was going to change my mind. I'm still getting visits and all from coaches, but I'm not going anywhere else. Florida, LSU, Maryland, West Virginia and South Carolina have been after me. Some take the hint, and others can't take no for an answer. But, I'm a Nole!"

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Nigel and the rest of the 2008 recruiting class.

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