Noles' still coming hard after Butler

Over the summer 4-star wide receiver Brice Butler committed to USC over schools like Florida State, LSU and Arizona State. Lately there's been talk that Butler is rethinking things and that FSU is part of that process. NoleDigest caught up with the Trojan commitment to talk about this subject and if the Noles are still an option for the Norcross (Ga) star.

Butler chose the Trojans over a host of schools, but many felt that the final two were USC and FSU. Some may recall the ‘hat trick' Butler did revealing the USC hat under the FSU hat. So, even though he has been committed to USC since the summer, has FSU made a push to land Butler come National Signing Day? Butler explains, "Yes, sir, FSU is still recruiting me and I am still checking out my options. Yes, I would say that FSU is still a viable option for me. Mainly I'm looking at a few other schools in case I start feeling something different about USC. That is the best way I can really put it right now."

To say that the coaches at Florida State have turned up the heat may be an understatement. Butler has hosted the coaches on two separate occasions, and each time several coaches have popped in to see the standout. "The coaches from FSU have come for an in-home visit twice. The first time it was Coach Fisher, Coach Dawsey and Coach Haggins. The second time it was those 3 plus Coach Lilly and Coach Andrews. I've known these coaches for a long time and we just caught up on some things. You know, some people have asked if I got pressure from my family to go there (to FSU) but I really didn't. My father wanted what was best for me but my mom would make little comments like I needed to go to FSU. At the time USC was the best option for me. Overall, though, the visits went well each time," stated Butler.

One coach that has been working hard to land Butler has been FSU offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher. Brice feels that Fisher is the guy who'll turn the program around, and thinks that it's only a matter of time before things change. He said, "I know Jimbo Fisher is going to turn the program around. When Coach was named the successor that really didn't mean too much to me because, you know, Bobby doesn't really coach too much anymore. I think Fisher runs the program for the most part already. Things like discipline may change when he takes over, but you can kind of tell what's going on now."

Brice began the season as a 5-star receiver but was moved down to a 4-star after struggling early on in his senior season. He attributes that to a lack of focus and him resting on his laurels. "My season went okay," stated Butler. "I think I had 52 catches for over 800 yards and 12 touchdowns. The beginning of the season hurt me because I really wasn't focused and I dropped some big passes. When I got off of the bye week I was determined to change my focus and how I practiced. I wanted to emulate more what I did during my junior season."

While Butler is still considering other schools, he states that he remains a commitment to the USC Trojans. There have been some talks that he'll take some visits, and FSU is a school he is looking hard at. He says, "Taking a visit to FSU is up in the air right now. USC has come to see me twice. When I committed I wanted to get as far away from home as possible. To be honest I really didn't want to go on that visit but I figured I'd go out there and take a mini vacation. But when I got there I realized the coaches had the same beliefs as me and the style I liked. The legacy they have there and the atmosphere was different from anything I'd seen. The visit was a lot different than what I thought it was going to be. But if I visit FSU it'll be sometime in January, as that has been the timeframe I've talked about with the offensive coaches. If I did de-commit schools I'd be looking to visit would be FSU, LSU, Arizona State and Oregon."

Butler has been looking forward to the Army All-American game as a chance to show some people that he is still one of the best receivers in the nation this year. He's excited the about the opportunity he has to show his talents on the national stage and against some of the best players in the nation. Butler said, "I'm really excited to get a shot at some of the best players in the nation and to display the skills I have. I'm going to go in there trying to establish my name again. I feel like I don't get the respect as one of the better receivers in the nation, but that's okay as it makes me work harder. I want to play hard and have a good time in this game."

While Butler remains a commitment to USC, the coaches have turned up the heat for Butler. There is a very good chance that he'll make a visit in January, and if he does the Seminoles have a good as shot as any to land Butler's signature on signing day. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Brice and the rest of the 2008n recruiting class.

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