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Let me take a minute to thank everyone who has watched develop over the past few months. Thank You. In my tenure, has become a fresh and improved information resource for anyone interested in Florida State Athletics. Florida State has never been any bigger than it is now with members or subscribers. We will continue to provide the internet with fast breaking news, entertaining topics of discussion, unbiased reporting, detailed and knowledgeable analysis, and coverage on a variety of sports.

The World of Internet information is sprawling with sites that provide similar content, but no other site matches the resources of We have a wealth of knowledge, we have staffers who have not only watched the sporting events with a discerning eye of evenhanded opinion, but also been involved with athletics on the highest of levels. When we get the news, we confirm its accuracy and deliver it to you with haste. Basically when we get news, YOU get the right news. offers insider recruiting and team news, great recruiting updates, discussion with real analyst, access to unique stories that provide up to date content with controversial subjects, open forums of discussions and more! Make sure you visit to discover all the amenities that will satiate and facilitate your love of Florida State Athletics. is constantly changing. We can guarantee you will see a different story everyday. We work hard to provide a quality and accurate product. We work hard to never rest on laurels and will always provide anyone interested in Florida State Athletics daily content that is unmatched online.

Despite, our improvements and excellent resources we still have room to grow. We will seek to improve the user friendly aspects of the site, provide more quality photograph galleries, and attempt to expand our coverage. We have plenty of opportunity for growth. There are 15000 users on There is always room for new members.

Remember if you want great reliable sources, accurate information, breaking insider information, experts that played the game, and a board that allows you to speak your mind freely. is the site for you.

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