Myron Rolle Q & A

Noledigest had the opportunity to catch up with Myron Rolle recently to speak about his thoughts on Kentucky, the Mitchell Report, what he wants for Christmas, and much more.

What are your thoughts on Kentucky?

Kentucky is a very good team. They were ranked high nationally at one point this year. They also beat a #1 ranked team in LSU earlier this season. Obviously they have a great offense. Andre Woodson, the quarterback, is a poised passer that throws a pretty deep ball. The receivers and tight ends are athletic and the offensive line protects well. For our defense, we are going to be challenged by Kentucky's explosive offense. I have no doubt that we are capable enough to meet that challenge and play well.

Do you see anything different in your team's preparation for the game?

Considering all of the players that will not be playing in the game, we have had some younger players step up to fill positions as well as older players switch positions at the last minute to help us win. I feel that that is a sign of an unselfish team.

What were your thoughts on the Mitchell Report?

I am not a huge baseball fan, but I have heard the recent major stories in Professional baseball with the Mitchell Report and players named in this report as steroid users. Roger Clemens is a great pitcher, but until all the facts are laid out I will reserve my meaningless judgment on the matter. I know this...every person should have an opportunity to refute or dismiss any allegations against them without being unfairly pinned as a crook.

Do you think the public is treating all FSU players fairly?

I received several text messages and phone calls concerning the cheating ordeal here at FSU this week. I can see how some may look at FSU and say "oh, it's no surprise that FSU players cheated." It is just unfortunate that our athletes', which includes myself, that are performing well in school and are on track to reach great heights in the classroom do not get air time on ESPN.

Is there any advice that you would give a player looking at FSU?

I would tell recruits not to worry about this situation because as one college coach told me in my recruiting process, "Myron the only graduation rate that should matter to you is 0% or 100% - whether you will graduate or not." So recruits should come in and commit themselves to pursuing excellence on the field and in the classroom regardless of what others around them are doing.

What do you want for Christmas?

I did not get to spend Christmas at home last year because we were in San Francisco , California for the emerald bowl. This year I do not want anything special except for a couple pass breakups and a few interceptions against Woodson. Taking one to the house would probably be the best gift I have ever received.

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