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Here are coach Bobby Bowden's comments following Tuesday's practice. Bowden said that receiver P.K. Sam (strained hamstring) and defensive end Eric Moore (appendectomy on Oct. 12) will not play Saturday against Notre Dame. Bowden also talks about the Irish and the leadership skills of FSU senior offensive lineman Brett Williams. "I think he has taken on the responsibility of his position and his captaincy and he's willing to speak out a little more," Bowden said of Big Brett.

Here are coach Bobby Bowden's comments from Tuesday's practice.

"Not much new happening. We got through the day without anybody getting hurt. The kids have worked hard this week, not holding anything back."

What is Eric Moore's status?

"He's probably out. I think definitely out, it's just when can he get back?"

What about Torrance Washington?

"Torrance has worked. I'm sure there's a little strain there, but it seems to be getting better."

What has Brett Williams brought to the team in terms of leadership?

"Brett has done a real good job of leading, I selected him as one of our captains at the start of the year and he's done a good job. And frankly the offensive line really has done a superb job. He's the leader of that group. I think he has taken on the responsibility of his position and his captaincy and he's willing to speak out a little more. He's always been a very quiet individual. He's always kind of led by doing. It's his fourth year to start for us. A great matchup is gonna be our offensive line against their defensive line. That's one of their strengths too. They are all seniors and we are nearly all seniors."

What has improved about Notre Dame's defense in a year?

"Number one, you have most of your kids back. Then they are nearly all seniors. You know one year can make a lot of difference in players. We're better than last year, you know? So one year makes a difference, so I think that's played a big role. The maturity of their football team is very obvious. They're never out of position. They play hard and they know what they're doing."

What has coach Willingham's impact been?

"He has really been the answer in there, no doubt about it, because anytime a new head coach comes in, especially with older players, a lot of times they don't accept his … it's not what they're used to, you know? Sometimes it can be very difficult and it has to be the right man and evidently he was the right man because they have all taken to him and they're all producing for him and so Tyrone has done a tremendous job."

What do you remember of your first trip to South Bend in 1981?

"Well, it's a place in your career you hope someday you will get to go there and playing there is nearly too good to be true and then to go up there and win that was even doubly good. You know, dressing in the locker room that you know Rockne was in at one time and Leahy and all those great coaches and players they've had down through the years, the All-Americans, the Heismans, it's just nearly hallowed."

That was your first time there?

"I had been to South Bend before, but only just to drive through there and take a look around the campus and go somewhere."

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