Change of plans for Faircloth

In November the coaches at Florida State began heavily recruiting Jacksonville Bolles standout Garrett Faircloth, one of the top offensive linemen in the state this year. Since then there has been talk that Faircloth is a candidate for a grey-shirt. NoleDigest caught up with Garrett to see what the latest was with his recruitment and is he is still committed to Central Florida.

For Faircloth the interest from Florida State was an eye opener in terms of his commitment to the Golden Knights. He explains that at this time he is still committed, but he has every intention of taking some visits to ensure his early decision is the best for him. He says, "Right now I am still a commitment to UCF. I'm not going to decommitt unless the time is right and something catches my eye. With that I am taking an official to UCF on the 11th. I also plan to take a visit to Ole Miss the 18th, and I think I'll be visiting Florida State the week after that (the 25th)."

When FSU began talking to Faircloth they wanted to see if he had rebounded off of the knee injury he sustained his junior season. Once that was cleared by team doctors, offensive line coach Rick Trickett began the pursuit of Faircloth. Since then the two have been working on building their relationship, and Faircloth states the two talk often. "We talked over Christmas break. He was telling me they wanted me to come in for a visit. Early on they were talking to me about the grey-shirt, but now I don't know if they are going to do that with me. I may be getting a scholarship this year, but some things still have to play out. I just want to see how it goes and see what they have for me," stated Faircloth.

As it stand right now one of the important things for Garrett is to check out all of his options. He says, "It's all about checking out my options right now. I'll be seeing USF next weekend and after the other visits I'll be comparing the schools to see what stands out. With Florida State they have told me that they'll be honest with me and keep me up to date with the grey-shirt stuff and what my role is with them. That has to be there. After the visits I will see how I feel; either I'll be a Golden Knight or I'll be going somewhere else."

Coach Trickett has made it over to Jacksonville on several occasions to pay a visit to Faircloth, and as it stands right now it looks as though he'll be heading there before National Signing Day. "The coaches from FSU may come over to see me again. I really don't know yet. Coach Trickett and I are building a good relationship, so I think he'd be one of the coaches coming to see me," stated Faircloth.

With three visits lined up before signing day and one other up in the air (he didn't mention the other school), Garrett plans to have his parents visit the schools with him. He stated, "I know for sure both of my parents will be coming to FSU with me. The other ones I'm too sure about. My father works a lot so it may be hard for him to make it to the visits far away like Ole Miss. I know for sure either my mom or dad will be with me each time, but the visit to FSU is the one I know for sure both are coming. For them they just want to make sure I am going to be happy with my decision."

While Faircloth has not been given an official offer yet, the Seminole coaches are very interested in the prospect. It looks as though if they offer a scholarship for the 2008 class, it will give Garrett an awful lot to think about in terms of his current commitment to UCF. The Noles are at the top of the list with Garrett, and if the offer is extended on his official visit look for the Noles to possibly land their 3rd offensive line commitment for the 2008 recruiting class. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further update with Garrett and the rest of the 2008 prospects as Signing Day approaches.

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