Carr is blowing up!

Today Florida State commitment Nigel Carr will be playing in the UnderArmour All-American game. Throughout the week the 4-star linebacker from First Coast in Jacksonville, FL has shown why he was originally a 5-star recruit earlier this year. NoleDigest caught up with Nigel to get his thoughts on his week and to discuss some of the players that have impressed him so far.

Every practice report throughout the week has talked about how well Nigel has been doing in practice sessions. He's been dominate showing flashes of brilliance using his speed and closing ability. For Nigel this is past week has been something he's looking forward to. He says, "It's been going well. I came in wanting to measure myself up against the best. I'm looking at this as this is how it'll be when I get to college. The success I've had this week has shown me that I am ready to play at Florida State. If I learn the system and all I think I'll be on the field next year. One thing I've been surprised about is that I thought more people would be dominating more, not just the few of us that have."

The ESPN game has some of the best high school players in the nation playing in the game today. Playing against this level of competition reminds Nigel of some of the players he's seen in Florida, but there have been several players that have impressed him so far. "Playing in Florida you see linemen that are like 6'1" 220 pounds that can run real well. Here the guys are bigger but not as fast, so I've been able to use my speed because they aren't used to that. With the guys here if they get on you they aren't going to let you get off, so I've been using the speed and my hands to my advantage. One lineman that has impressed me is Braxton Cave. He is a big kid. The hardest person I've gone up against is USE tight-end commitment Blake Ayles. That kid is a beast. We've been going at it a bit this week. He's big and runs like a wideout. My man Terrance Parks has really shown out. I've been hanging around him the most this week. We've strengthened our bond as both our families met and all. I knew he was good but I didn't know he could cover as well as he can. He looks like a linebacker when you see him. He is a bit taller than me and looks like he's about 6'3". He has done really well against A.J. Green and the other receivers in practice. He's big and aggressive. He is a physical guy in one-on-one. He'll play next year being that he is an early enrollee too. E.J. Manuel is E.J. Manuel. I already knew he was a baler. Kyle Parker has done well, too," stated Carr.

Some players are using this game to help the schools they're committed to in terms of recruiting. Nigel has been more focused on representing himself and his hometown well, but there is one player that Carr has spoken to about the "new FSU". He explains, "I came here focusing more on playing well. I don't want to let down the people who are coming to see me. I haven't been talking to too many kids, but the ones that have mentioned FSU I've talked to. One of those is E.J. Woods from California (a 4-star safety). He is committed to UCLA but he was saying he likes FSU. He says he is visiting on the 18th of this month, and that is the same time I'm visitng, so we'll see what happens. He says FSU was on him early then stopped after he committed to UCLA. Coach Dawsey and Coach Fisher have talked to him and they were telling him about the immediate playing time at FSU. He knows that C.J. Holton went to Miami and that Travis Arnold may not qualify. He knows we need safeties badly."

The class of 2008 has formed a strong bond, and that bond is the reason why many people feel this class will stick together. However, the decommitment of Holton came as a surprise to Carr. "I was surprised when I heard C.J. chose Miami. I thought he'd never leave Nigel because they are best friends. I asked him shortly after why he did it and he said after talking to his family that he felt Miami was the best place for him to get to the next level in terms of safeties. I gotta respect the man's choice, you know," stated Carr.

With a great week of practice out of the way and the week concluding today with the game, Nigel is looking to close out the week strong and make sure his great week of practice was for not. He says, "I'm going to be starting at Will in the game. I've been competing hard this week. Before I came here my coach and I worked on my speed we made sure I was in shape. My speed and footwork is what's set me apart and put me ahead of the other linebackers. I just want to make sure I finish off strong, have a good game and that I keep balling. After this I'll make my visit on the 18th, which I'm looking forward to because I get a more in-depth look at the school and Nigel Bradham and Terrance will already be there."

With a great week it would not be surprising to see Carr finish the season ranked where he was at the start, that being a 5-star national recruit. Whether or not he gets it doesn't draw attention from the performance he's had this week in showing he is one of the top defensive players in the class for this season. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Nigel and the rest of the 2008 recruiting class.

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