Manuel: Trying to get the best Class possible

FSU Commit and Team Silver QB EJ Manuel enjoyed a successful week in Orlando. Manuel talks about why he picked the Noles', the players that impressed him this week at practice, and which players he tried to recruit to FSU.

What was practice like this week trying to work the rust off?

EJ-"Well, like you said you had to get the rust off this week. Really it was all about gelling with your teammates. We had a lot of camaraderie. We're all going to end up playing each other throughout the course of our careers. So practices were all fun".

Talk a little about your early decision to Florida State. Obviously you stuck with the Noles. What about FSU that really stood out that had you wanting to wear the Garnet and Gold?

EJ-"The main thing is I felt at home. I took both of my visits there. I felt a part of the family by just visiting. Coach Fisher's going to end up becoming the Head Coach. I also wanted to play for a legend like Coach Bowden. I respect those two men ever since I was a young kid. Coach Fisher has a lineage of putting quarterbacks into the NFL. I'm really looking forward to getting down there and learning".

Speaking of his (Coach Fisher) lineage one guy in particular you remind me of is JaMarcusRussell. How excited are you, knowing that you can go play for a guy that made the #1 pick in the NFL Draft? You're almost a carbon copy of JaMarcus.

EJ- "Thank you. I really appreciate that. That's the main thing. I'm really looking forward to it. You know Coach Fisher has already done it so many times with different quarterbacks. I'm just happy that he saw it in me. That I can become just as good as JaMarcus or Rohan Davey and guys like that".

You're a pretty good recruiter on that cell phone of yours. Are you dialing up #82 in red (Julio Jones)?

EJ- "Yea, a couple of times. We are just trying to get the best class possible. I've reached E.J. Woods on the red team from California so he might be giving FSU a look. I've definitely been calling Julio ever since I got here. Well been talking to him. I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet him face to face".

You had the opportunity to play with great receivers on your team. Who impressed you the most? Aldarius, AJ, Chris Tolliver, or Blake Ayles the tight end. Who really showed you the most?

EJ- "I can't really point out one player to say that they showed me the most. Well actually Dwayne and Blake were both really good. AJ, he is the truth. He is what everyone talks about. Aldarius is awesome. Deion is really good. Hicks is real good. All the guys were really good. Chris is real good too".

What's your timetable once you get to Florida State? Drew is there and has experience. Xavier is there. Ponder is there. What's your mindset on when you will see the field?

EJ- "All I'm going to do is focus on myself and get ready. When my number is called, I'll make sure that I'm ready for it. If I get that spot…..I'm not going to give it back".

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