Myron Rolle Q & A

Noledigest had the opportunity to catch up with Myron Rolle recently to speak about his thoughts on the mindset of the team during off season workouts and the new student-athlete policies & procedures.

What is the team doing right now?

Right now we are lifting and conditioning as a team. The coaches have introduced a new style in our training approach and so far everyone has cooperated. We knew as a team we were very close in several ball games. The work we do now will eventually be the determing factor for us being the team that pulls out the win late in the game.

Can you give your thoughts about the new rules at FSU

We are in the post cheating scandal period. There are new rules that have been put in place by the administration at Florida State to regain the prestigous image of the institution. The rules are to be polite, dress appropriately and go to class. We (all FSU athletes) were told that if we follow these rules we, as individuals and as a collective group, would be successful. I love success so I plan to follow these rules. My teammates also want to be successful so we are all on the same wave length. I think the message was well received by everyone in attendance. I truly feel that Florida State is better than this academic incident and it is our job as student-athletes with the help of the administration and coaches to put us on top again where we belong.

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