White rates his FSU visit an 11

Building up the defensive line has been a priority for the 2008 class at Florida State. The Seminoles helped themselves with the commitment of JUCO Player of the Year Markus White. This weekend the All-American made his official visit to FSU, and NoleDigest caught up with him to gather his thoughts, as well as to see if this visit met his expectations.

Coming into the visit Markus wanted to make sure he fit in with the players and that FSU was the right place for him. Seeing how he never had been to FSU, an educational visit was important to White. According to him, it went better than expected. He said, "I'd give this visit 11 out of 10. Everything went as expected and they treated us very well. I'm good to go. I found what I needed to know and I liked the environment and the location of the school itself. It's close but too close to home. Academically we went over some things and I am ready to go."

White tells NoleDigest there were some specific things he was looking for coming into the visit. "I was looking at the general stuff. I paid attention to how the coaches treated the players and vice versa. I wanted to see the support they had, if they have curfew, and some other stuff. I just wanted to get a grasp of the program overall," explained White.

While White paid a visit to Bowden's home and talked to all of the coaches in passing, he said he spent the majority of his time with Jody Allen, saying, "I spent most of my time with Coach Allen when I was there. We have a pretty decent relationship. There wasn't a lot of free time as the visit was packed with tours and stuff, but I was happy I got to spend some time with Coach Allen."

Markus stated in an update leading to his visit that he was going to make sure he showed the other prospects in town how much he enjoyed FSU. One of the prospects he spent time with is fellow defensive end commitment Everett Dawkins. "I talked to the players there. We went through the weekend together. I showed them how much I like FSU. Overall I feel that some of these guys may join us in the end. One guy I spent the majority of my time with was Everett (Dawkins). He was hosted by Everette Brown and I was hosted by Neefy Moffett, so we all hung together a lot seeing how we play the same position. We have the same goals and same attitude towards things. He is a cool guy and we got along very well," said White.

Markus hoped that at the end of the weekend he would have a major in mind. After the visit and tours he said he has it narrowed down to two avenues, saying, "I looked at the sports management and media production programs. I love sports and I love the sport I play. As I go further along I want to learn more. I am not sure what I want to do, but I know I don't want to be a writer. Somehow I want to stay involved in sports. I am crazy about them and it's all I really know."

Generally speaking the visit was a major success for Markus and it proved that FSU was the right choice for him. The biggest highlight for him was the fact that the players got along very well, even though some may play the same position. He said, "I like how when we got there the players treated us well. They showed us a good time and we were cool with each other. Like with Everette, Neefy, Everett and myself, we all play end but we meshed well. I'll be getting there the second summer session, and I am very anxious to get there and get going."

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Markus and the rest of the 2008 recruiting class.

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