Sanders giving FSU another look

Several weeks ago Florida State entered the picture for the services of 4-star tackle Zebrie Sanders. After the cheating scandal was made public he moved removed FSU from the picture, but since then things have changed. NoleDigest caught up with the Clayton, OH standout to get his thoughts on FSU and if he'll be visiting this weekend.

Late last week Sanders was ready to pull the trigger and commit to the University of Florida. He had contacted the other schools under consideration and was happy with the decision he had made. Before he was able to go public, coaches from Florida contacted Sanders telling him they had filled up, leaving the lineman wondering what the next step was. One of the schools that has re-entered the picture is Florida State.

After the situation with Florida Sander's father contacted the coaches at FSU telling them to keep recruiting his son. This is something the coaches were happy to do because Sanders fills an area of need. When asked about FSU, Sanders said, "I liked them before the scandal because it kind of turned me off a little bit, but I am trying to look past that. Trickett spoke to me about that so I decided to head down there this weekend for an official visit."

Sanders told NoleDigest that there is something in particular that he wants to see when it comes to FSU. He explains, "I want to get down there and see a nice college and see how the players are. I've been told that they are sort of thuggish; that is from the Florida coaches. But I want to see it for myself and see how it really is. I think I'll be seeing something different than that."

Offensive line coach Rick Trickett is the reason why the Seminoles remain in contention with Zebrie. He says they have built a good relationship and that his coaching ability would pay off for his future. "It's really good talking to him. We talk almost all the time. He is one of the best offensive line coaches in the nation, so if I played for him I'd get the best out of myself.

While it looks as though FSU is making a strong push, Sander states that right now Georgia is still slightly in the lead. There are a few other schools he is looking at. He said, "Right now it's Georgia, Florida State and UCLA. I am looking at Miami a little bit because of their academics. I like Georgia a lot, but I need to take this visit to FSU. I chose them over UCLA because I saw them this summer. I need to visit FSU to see what's going on."

After the visit to FSU Sanders says that he isn't sure when he'll make a decision, but he is "ready to get it over with". With a good visit and clarification on the academic situation FSU can place themselves at the top of the list to land Sanders when he is ready to make a decision. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Zebrie and the rest of the 2008 recruiting class.

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