NJ Prep CB/S new on FSU's radar

Florida State is in need of player-makers in the defensive backfield. With the suspensions next year and the loss of two safeties to an already this corps of players, FSU has turned the heat up. One of those players is Ed Imeokparia; a defensive back recruits out of the Blair Academy in New Jersey. NoleDigest caught up with him to see how his recruitment is going & where FSU stands at this time.

With recruiting in the homestretch prospects usually have several offers to consider and have an idea of where they want to go. With Imeokparia that is the case, but with one added detail. Florida State has turned up the heat on the defensive back over the last month, and it has gained his attention. He said, "Recruiting is going good. I have plenty of options right now with National Signing Day around the corner. I have offers from schools I'd like to go to. I've got a feeling that I'll be getting the official offer from FSU soon. Coach Chuck Amato is visiting me Tuesday and I have a pretty good feeling. They want me to come down for a visit this coming weekend, and I am going to do that."

While the Seminoles have come on late, Imeokparia states that that the interest in them is legit. "I have legit interest in FSU. They are putting together one of the best recruiting classes in the nation, and that is something I want to be apart of (a great class). I have a great relationship with some of the coaches and they let me know what the real situation is. There is a great opportunity at FSU and they are about to do some great things," stated Imeokparia.

The coaches at FSU have been coming on strong since December, but Ed states that they've known about him for quite some time. He said, "I've been talking to them for some time now. They knew about me from the Nike camps and all that. Over the last month it's really started to heat up. They saw my senior film and likes what they saw. I feel like I can play there and that I really proved myself this past year."

For Ed the visit to FSU is going to provide the chance for him to really look at what the school has to offer. He explains, saying, "I want to look for a commitment to the program from the head coach. I know about the situation with Jimbo Fisher. I want to make sure he is going to be there if I'm there. Coaching stability is important to me. Also I want to look at the opportunity for playing time. I want to see if they have their eyes set on winning games and down the line playing for championships. I want to be apart of a good class and I think FSU has something special going on. They have a group of guys coming from all over the country, and they all have the same attitude that they want to be the group of kids who get things turned around. I like them, but I want to state that I don't have a leader. If I get the offer they will solidify being one of my top schools."

While Imeokparia has a lot of nice things to say about FSU, they are not the only school he is considering. Schools from the Big East, Big 10, SEC and ACC are after the standout. "I've already visited Michigan State, Cincinnati and Louisville. I really enjoyed those and I am looking at them hard. After the visit to FSU I am either going to take a visit to Auburn or North Carolina. I want to make sure I take visits to see what's going on. I am in the process of deciding which school I am going to visit last. After the visits I am going to compare all of these schools and see what sets them apart from each other," stated Imeokparia.

In the end stability and playing time will be the mitigating factors for the unheralded prospect. While he may not be a national name, several schools came away impressed with how he played his senior season. "For the people who don't know much about me, they need to go look at my film. I think Scout.com has my senior film. They've had film on me for a while but the older stuff isn't as good. They'll see that I am a hybrid defensive back, meaning I can play both corner and safety. Right now I am 6'0 195 pounds. I have great closing speed, and that sticks out. I play the run really well, too. FSU is recruiting me as a defensive back, and Amato said right now they like me as a corner. Whether its FSU or another school I'll play wherever I can get on the field quickest," stated Imeokparia.

While some FSU fans may be concerned, this is a prospect the coaches have liked for a while now. They were waiting on his senior film to decide which way to go, and after watching it they liked what they saw. With an offer and good visit this weekend, FSU will most likely become one of the favorites to land Ed's signature. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Imeokparia and the rest of the 2008 recruiting class.

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