Thomas anxious to see FSU & coaches

One of the most underrated recruits in the 2008 class is running back Jermaine Thomas. The First Coast standout committed to FSU over the summer, and has been solid since. This weekend he'll be making his official visit to FSU, so NoleDigest caught up with him to get his thoughts and the visit and to see what the deal is with LSU.

Overall, the recruitment for Thomas has been for the most done since he committed to Florida State. Recently reports came out that LSU was attempting to make a late push, and Thomas explains that he is listening to what they are saying. He said, "Everything is fine with recruiting. I have my visit to FSU this weekend and then I go to LSU next week. With LSU I am listening to what they are saying. I'm supposed to get and in-home visit from Les Miles and Coach Porter on Wednesday. I'm going to take the visit to see what's going on. With FSU they are FSU, and they have faithfully come to see me. They speak to my parents too; I have great relationships with Coach Dawsey and the rest of the staff."

Thomas tells NoleDigest that he is excited about taking his official this weekend, especially because he'll be making the visit with teammates Nigel Carr and Avis Commack. "The three of us are coming in this weekend. I am excited about it. I've been to FSU only a few times, once on an unofficial and the other for a camp. I want to really see it in depth, and I want to see the coaches. I never get tired of seeing those guys. I am anxious to talk about the upcoming year and getting ready to play for them," stated Thomas.

Jermaine was one of the reasons why First Coast went the farthest they've ever been in the playoffs this year. The nationally televised game in South Carolina set the tone for Thomas' senior season, and he says he loved the way it played out. He said, "I loved my senior season. The memories, the teammates I played with and all that. Individually I really tried to motivate this team. This is the best team First Coast has had. I'm a team guy and I wish I could share some of my offers with my teammates because we all worked hard this year."

Thomas was one of several FSU commitments that participated in the All-American games 2 weeks ago. He was a late addition to the Offense/Defense Game, and it was an experience he enjoyed. He explained, "I liked the experience there. They called me after another guy didn't show up, so I got there and got going right away. It was really cold that weekend. They had some plays designed for me for the game. They threw a screen to me that ended up being a lateral, so I was able to make something out of nothing with that. I had a carry for like 4 yards. Chris Carter was a coach there so I was really listening to what he was saying. I liked the chance to play there because it was my first time being away like that and it gets me ready for the next level. There were so many guys from all over. I was interacting with guys listening to their slang and just talking it up. Overall it was a good experience for me."

Jermaine stated that "FSU is what he is focusing on" and that he is anxious to get to this weekend. While LSU may give him something to think about, it looks as though Jermaine is as solid a commitment can be. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Jermaine and the rest of the 2008 recruiting class.

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