NoleDigest predicts the 2008 class

NoleDigest predicts Florida State's 2008 recruiting class.

Mac's 2008 predicted class


QB- Manuel
RB- T. Pressley, J. Thomas, B. Footman-JUCO, E. Davis
WR- C. Surrency, A. Commack, J. Jones
TE- J. Little, D. Allen
OL- A. Datko, D. Spurlock, J. Jenkins, G. Faircloth

Greyshirts- J. Gehres WR, P. Smith OL, R. Sanderson OL


DE- M. White, E. Dawkins, T. Stevens, K. Wells
DT- M. McCray, A. Hill, B. Thompson
DE/DT- L. Mackey
LB- N. Bradham, N. Carr, V. Williams
CB- T. Parks, T.J. Bryant
S- Moody, Arnold, 1 more DB

Greyshirts- K. Thornton DL

Fish's 2008 predicted class


EJ Manuel-QB-Committed
Tavares Pressley-RB-Committed
Jermain Thomas-RB-Committed
Avis Commack-WR-Committed
Corey Surrency-WR-Committed
Julio Jones-WR
Brice Butler-WR
Dwayne Allen-TE
Jabaris Little-TE-Committed
Josh Jenkins-OL
Andrew Datko-OL-Committed
David Spurlock-OL-Committed

Final Thoughts- By landing Jones and Butler their offensive class could go from good to great. The only complaint I would have is not getting another big time running back. Thomas could end up at slot receiver or free safety. He is a very good athlete but not an every down back. Pressley is good but probably not in the great category. Losing out of Jamie Harper is not good. FSU wasted their time early on with Darrell Scott and in doing so lost out on Harper. Harper should have been a priority. Trickett will once again land a top OL class.

Phil Smith-OL-Greyshirt
Garrett Faircloth-OL-Greyshirt
Josh Gehres-WR-Greyshirt


Tosman Stevens-DE-Committed
Everett Dawkins-DE-Committed
Marcus White-DE-Committed
Leon Mackey-DE/DT
Brandon Thompson-DT
Moses McCray-DT-Committed
Anthony Hill-DT-Committed
Nigel Bradham-LB-Committed
Nigel Carr-LB-Committed
Vince Williams-Committed
Nick Moody-S-Committed
Travis Arnold-S-Committed
TJ Bryant-CB

Final Thoughts-The defensive class got off to a very strong start. Landing Bradham back in Feb and then adding his teammate CJ Holton was huge. Since then FSU defensive class has gone stagnant. After not having FSU as a leader all season long, I think they pull in Brandon Thompson. Not getting a free safety after needing one will haunt FSU for the next two years. This is a good defensive class but not great. It could have been great but too many things went against them. Landing Coples and getting CJ Holton back (which is a good possibility) would make this class real good. There is also a chance that Keith Wells ends up in the class on NSD. Overall it was a bit disappointing this class after the way it started out.

Kyri Thornton-DT-Greyshirt- Possibly gets a ship if other guys fall through.

Nate's 2008 predicted class

QB: E.J. Manuel
RB: Tavares Pressley, Jermaine Thomas and Enrique Davis
TE: Dwayne Allen and Ja'Baris Little
WR: Julio Jones, Corey Surrency and Avis Commack
OL: Josh Jenkins, David Spurlock, Andrew Datko, Garrett Faircloth, 1-2 others

DT: Corey Liuget, Anthony Hill and Moses McCray
DE: Markus White, Everett Dawkins, Toshmon Stevens and Leon Mackey
LB: Nigel Bradham, Nigel Carr, Vince Williams
CB: Terrance Parks
DB: Ed Imeokparia
S: Nick Moody

JUCO Bound: British Footman and Travis Arnold

Just missed: Jamie Harper, Quinton Coples, T.J. Bryant, Keith Wells

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