Little has a great, great visit

Ja'Baris Little was one of several commitments to visit this weekend. The 3-star jumbo athlete is coming into Florida State as a tight end, and after this week it looks like he'll see major minutes next year. NoleDigest caught up with Little to get his thoughts on his visit and to discuss the aspects that stood out.

As a recruit that lives in Tallahassee, Little has had many opportunities to make unofficial visits to FSU. One thing he wanted to do was spend more time with the coaches and to talk about their expectations of him for next year. He said, "I live in Tallahassee, so for me the visit was about getting with the coaches more. I wanted to learn about the situation with me. I was wondering about playing time and how I'd be set up to excel there. I spent the majority of my time with the coaches. It went great."

The situation Little is talking about is the playing time available next year at the tight end position. With the lack of depth and suspensions, Little said the coaches are depending on him to come in and playing early. "They want me to come in and play early. They told me about the players they have there and were saying if they get another kid from this class we'll be the guys who they depend on next year. Before the whole suspension thing went down I was planning on working hard to get some playing time, now I know I have to work harder," stated Little.

Playing time was not the only topic of discussion this weekend for Little. Coming in he wanted to meet with the academic side of the school to determine a possible major. He said, "Besides the meetings with Coach Lilly and Coach Fisher we talked a lot about academics and scheduling for next year. I am open to some ideas about that when I get there, but I wanted to get an idea of what to expect. I was concerned about academic support. What I learned is that it's very hard to fall behind. This may be the biggest aspect that stood out to me from this weekend."

Ja'Baris' host this weekend was his former high school teammate Seddrick Holloway. Little said that Seddrick showed him a great time and helped make the visit as great as it was. He said, "Sed was a cool dude when he was at Lincoln. He is a few years older than me but we would always talk in passing. He showed me a really good time this weekend."

The fact that Little is going to be depended on next fall means that he's going to have to work hard before he gets to FSU in the summer. "From here on out I'm gonna be busting my behind to make sure I make a good impression. Even though some of the guys are suspended for the first 3 games, I want to make sure that I do well enough that the coaches are comfortable with leaving me in there," stated Little.

Ja'Baris, who says he is 6'4" and 240 pounds, told NoleDigest that Coach Fisher set some expectations for him before he gets to Florida State. He said, "Fisher told me he wanted me around 240 coming in, and that's where I'm at now. He said when he looked at me he kind of projected me to be this size. He said when I get there he wants me to play at 250 pounds, so that means I'll have to work hard to gain the weight. The main thing is that I keep my speed."

Overall the visit was a major success for Ja'Baris, saying "I couldn't have asked for anything more. Some people may expect more from visits, but it went according to plan for me. I got to hang out with the players and spent a lot of time with the First Coast boys and the guys who enrolled early. It was a great, great visit."

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Little and the rest of the 2008 recruiting class.

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