Carr plans to play right away next year

Long time Florida State commitment Nigel Carr made his official visit this weekend to FSU. NoleDigest caught up with the 4-star standout to get his thoughts on the visit, and to talk about the expectations for him going into next fall.

As a recruit that has been as firm as they come, the visit this weekend was more of a chance for Nigel to relax and check out the school and the program. "My visit was wonderful, a perfect 10. The players knew about me and it was cool to hang out with them. I'm excited that FSU is going to be my future home. You know the coaches respect me and all because I've been committed since I was a junior and I didn't take any visits except this one. It was nice to hang with them," stated Carr.

Nigel's host this weekend was fellow 2008 recruit Terrance Parks. He stated that it was kind of weird that Terrance is already enrolled and part of the team, but nonetheless they had a great time together. He said, "It was weird that a few weeks ago we were at the ESPN game in Orlando and now he is a student. He was telling me it was hard at first but you eventually get used to it. He showed me a really great time. I hung out a lot with Nigel (Bradham), Terrance, Bert Reed, Taiwan Easterling, Avis (Commack) and Jermaine (Thomas)."

Coming into the visit Nigel knew a lot about the program already, but he wanted to make sure he met with linebacker coach Chuck Amato to talk about next year. "I had a long talk with Coach Amato. He was telling me what he expects next fall. He said that I'm a Sam all the way, and in nickel and 3rd and long they may use me as a rush end. He said I need to be ready to play when I get there. After Signing Day he is going to send me some stuff, and I plan on spending my entire spring break there learning the defense. It looks like they are going to get me there for the first summer session, so right after I graduate I'll be coming to FSU. I want to get in there and play," stated Carr.

Nigel tells NoleDigest that he didn't expect much from the visit, but he did really enjoy it. He said, "We hung out a lot and ate a lot. I got a chance to spend time with Coach Bowden. My mom was really impressed with him. She'd fall in love with him; he still has the charm with the mammas. I wasn't looking for much, though, as I knew I was coming to FSU. It's going to be hard for me to wait these next few months to get there."

Now that the visit is over Nigel plans on focusing on working out and finishing his classes strong. "I work out Monday-Wednesday. Right now I am at 230 and that is where Coach Amato wants me. He said he wants me to maintain that weight, and when I get there they'll build muscle on me. I got to get focused to get ready to play next year. Bottom line is that I'll be seeing a lot of playing time next year, so I have to make sure my feet are right and I stay in shape. When I get there in June I'm going to be ready to go," stated Carr.

Nigel is one of the best linebackers in the nation and will add to the rich history of linebackers at Florida State. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Nigel and the rest of the 2008 recruiting class.

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