Sanders wants to play for the BEST

Offensive lineman Zebrie Sanders made his last official visit this weekend to FSU, and while on the trip he made it official that he is apart of the 2008 recruiting class. NoleDigest caught up with him to talk about his commitment and how his visit went this weekend.

After it looked as though the Seminoles had moved away from Sanders earlier this past week, things changed causing him to make the trip to Tallahassee. The visit was something that he's very happy he took. He said, "I'm glad I went down there this weekend. Everything that I had heard and thought FSU was going to be, it was the exact opposite. I am very glad that I went. All of the good things that are going to be happening down there is why I pulled the trigger. I felt comfortable with the players and the facilities were great. They are top of the line."

Over the past few months Zebrie has developed a relationship with offensive line coach Rick Trickett, and that is the main reason he decided that Florida State was the best fit for him. "Coach Trickett is 90% of the reason why I am going to FSU. He is one of the best, if not the best, line coaches in the nation. I want to be the best I can be, so I need to be coached by the best there is," stated Sanders.

Sanders and Trickett spent a lot of time together over the weekend, which was important to Sanders that he was able to do that. He explained, "Getting to know Coach Trickett was great. I've only been able to spend a few hours here and there with him before, but I got a lot of time this weekend. He was telling me that I'll be playing early and that I'll be a good asset to the team next year. It's up to me how much I play. Right now I think I'm coming in as a left tackle. With the suspensions and all that I'm going to be high on the depth chart. I can't wait. Coach is having me come there early in the summer. It sucks that I won't get my last summer before college, but it's going to payoff in the end with the opportunities I have at FSU."

After the academic scandal was made public Sanders decided to drop FSU from consideration. While he was on the visit he wanted to make sure he checked out the academics and to get an idea of what happened. "I got a chance to check out the academics. That is important to me as I want to get a good education. I am satisfied with what I saw this weekend, and things were clarified to what I should expect," stated Sanders.

Early into the visit Zebrie knew that FSU was the place for him as he wanted to make the commitment known on Saturday. He said, "I told Trickett that I wanted to announce it Saturday but he wanted me to talk to my parents about the visit. They are very happy I committed and I have their blessing. When I met with Coach Bowden I told him I'm committed and I really liked it there. He shook my hand and said I'd be a great asset to the team. I made sure too I spent some time with Coach Fisher since he'll be taking over for Bowden. I know what he did at LSU, winning a title and all. FSU is in very good hands with him."

Fans may find it peculiar that just a few short week or so ago Sanders was set to announce for Florida. He wanted to make sure people understood that this commitment isn't out of spite, but that this decision was thought out and determined to be the best fit. "I liked UF a lot and I tried committing there. I felt it wasn't my fault how it turned out. I know I'll play a lot harder against them. But I want to make sure people know I didn't do this to get on their bad side. I made sure that I thought out this decision. I'm 1005% sure Florida State is the right place for me," said Sanders.

With the commitment and visit over with, Sanders tells NoleDigest that he's now focusing on achieving some goals set by Trickett on the visit. He explained, "I've been lifting and jogging a lot. In fact I've been working with a former professional to get stronger. Coach told me that he wants me benching 340-350 pounds before I get here, and that he wants me around 295 pounds and quick. After signing day he told me he'll be coming to see me to give me the playbook and all that stuff so I can get started,"

The visit was a big-time success for both FSU and Zebrie. This commitment adds to a growing offensive line, and it adds immediate depth at the tackle position. "The playing time and the coaches make this the right place for me. Spending time with Antwane Greenlee and Rodney Hudson, who were my hosts and are best friends, was cool. The visit met my expectations, and it was fun riding around town in Greenlee's pimped out car. I really like FSU and I cannot wait to get there," said Sanders.

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Zebrie and the rest of the 2008 recruiting class.

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