Will FSU trip be the last visit for Thomas?

Jermaine Thomas came into the visit to Florida State a firm commitment, but he was still listening to what the coaches at LSU had to say. NoleDigest caught up with the standout running back to see how his visit went this past weekend and if he is still planning on taking his visit to LSU.

Jermaine Thomas has been one of the most heavily debated prospects in the 2008 class. The First Coast star is one of the most underrated players in the nation. Even though he was a firm commitment coming into his visit, there were things he wanted to see from FSU. To say Jermaine came away impressed may be an understatement. He said, "The visit was awesome, and I'd do it again right now if I could. The entire thing was great, from my host, to the meals, meeting with Bobby Bowden, meeting with Coach Fisher to see how he plans on using me, the facilities and everything. It was great."

Jermaine's host for his visit was freshman wide receiver Bert Reed. Jermaine stated he and Reed got along great and he couldn't have had a better host. "My host was Bert. He is a very funny and energetic person. He actually inspired me to want to get there as soon as possible. I wanted to stay there another night, but I wasn't allowed," stated Thomas.

Thomas told NoleDigest that the highlights of the trip were his meetings with Coach Bowden and Coach Fisher. Jermaine had a chance to sit down with Bobby one-on-one with his parents, and he states the conversation went well. He said, "I sat down with Bobby and my parents. He's a very happy man and he is always smiling. He was telling me that I need to finish high school strong and not fall behind. He was telling me and my parents that he was looking forward to me getting there and that I was one of the best parts of the class."

The conversation with Jimbo Fisher was exciting to Jermaine because he was shown how the staff at FSU plans on using him when he gets there. "Coach Jimbo Fisher really likes the skills I have. He was showing me were he would put me and Preston Parker on the field at the same time. He said he likes how I can take advantage of mismatches. He wants to line me up in the backfield, in the slot and put me in motion. He likes the versatility I bring and wants to get the ball in my hands," said Thomas.

For Thomas he wanted to get a more in-depth look at the program and what it had to offer. He talks about the difference between his unofficial visit and official, saying, "On the unofficial I was limited with some things. They told me about how the like me and all, but on the official it was much more detailed. I got to spend a lot of time with the coaches, got to really see the great facilities and got to meet with the academic staff."

Before the visit Jermaine had planned on taking his final official visit to LSU this coming weekend. So, is that visit still on? "I am glad that you left a message because I thought you were some LSU coaches. I am supposed to speak to my father about it and I am going to tell him I don't want to go on the visit to LSU. There really isn't a need for me to go. This visit was it for me. I love FSU," stated Thomas.

Jermaine is one of the high character kids that FSU is trying to build their future on. He is genuinely excited about being a Seminole, and he wants to be apart of the class that brings FSU back. He said, "This visit showed me that FSU is where I belong. I'm ready to get there. The support is there, and there's no reason I can't get my degree. I'm looking at it as I want to be a difference maker for FSU. This class we have is going to bring FSU back. We have great athletes and players. FSU will be back."

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