Sanderson visiting favorite

One of the late bloomers in the 2008 recruiting class is Rhonne Sanderson from Tampa, FL. Sanderson has seen his offer list expand over the past few weeks, and this week he'll be taking a visit to check out the school at the top of his list. NoleDigest caught up with the Plant standout to talk about his recruitment and his visit to Florida State this weekend.

Rhonne Sanderson is a 1-star recruit in the database, but that may be due to the fact they never scouted the 6'3" 270 pound tackle. Sanderson is getting offers from several schools and says his recruitment is going pretty good. He said, "I went to Michigan State last week and that was a good visit. I have FSU this weekend and Michigan next. They are talking about offering me when I come up there for the visit. South Carolina came by my school today (Wednesday) and they said they'll tell me Thursday if they're going to offer me."

Even though the Seminoles haven't extended an offer yet, Sanderson says that FSU is at the top of his list. "They're at the top. I expect to get an offer this weekend when I am on my trip. I gotta be honest and say if I do get it, I'll probably commit. I've wanted to go there since I was a little kid and I like the coaches there," said Sanderson.

One of the coaches that Rhonne likes is offensive line coach Rick Trickett. Trickett is one of the best in the nation, but he definitely has his own approach in the way he does things. Sanderson feels that is the kind of coach he is looking for, saying, "I like him a lot. I am looking for a guy like him to play for because it'll only make me a better player."

The Tampa area is often one of the most talent-rich areas in the state. This year there are several lineman who'll go to the Division 1 level, therefore there is a ton of talent at that position. Sanderson was recently named as the top lineman over players like 5-star Matt Patchan. Sanderson feels that even though he isn't highly sought after, he is one of the best linemen in the nation. He said, "I feel I am one of the top linemen. On my team we pass protect 95% of the time so I think I excel at that. When I get to the next level I think I can pick up on the run blocking quickly because all it is, is knocking your man off the ball."

This is a big visit for Sanderson as he is hoping he'll get the chance to realize his dream. His brother, who played at South Carolina, will be making the visit with him this weekend, and he says he has some things he's looking for in a school. "I am looking for a good education and coaches that I'm able to get along with because I'll be around them for 4-5 years," stated Sanderson.

If the offer is extended, the Seminoles will be adding their 5th lineman to the 2008 class. Stay tuned to NoleDigest to see if the offer is made and how the visit goes for Sanderson after the weekend.

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