Remaining Prospects Left part I

NoleDigest makes predictions on a couple of recruits left on Florida State's board.

Julio Jones

Mack- FSU. I think he will sign with FSU and shock the country. Coach Fisher has a very good relationship with Julio and this will be signature signee.

Nate- I think this kid is going to be a Seminole. FSU finally breaks the stronghold Alabama has on in-state kids.

Fish- The talented standout has been priority #1 for Jimbo Fisher. With his relationship with the Foley Coaches that goes back to his days at Auburn and Jimbo ability to recruit the Mobile area Julio will be a Nole IMHO.

Jason- FSU. I'm sticking to this one despite his last minute visit to Alabama.

T.J. Bryant

Mack- FSU. The staff has recruited Bryant to the best of their ability.

Nate- I still don't feel he'll be in the class. I'm going with a slight shocker in Alabama.

Fish- Lincoln + Top ranked talent+ FSU offer usually means Florida State. At the end of the day until someone comes into Lincoln High School and actually takes one of these kids FSU wants, TJ will be a Seminole. Anything can happen in recruiting but the odds are in FSU favor.

Jason- FSU. I know I've been saying UM, but I think FSU's track program wins out.

Josh Jenkins

Mack- WV or OSU. Coach Trickett gave FSU a realistic chance to sign him and at one point had FSU leading. Distance worked against FSU in this situation.

Nate- A lot of reports of him staying up north are coming out. I've been hearing the opposite. Honestly, I don't know what to think. I'm going to go with a push on this to with FSU or Ohio State.

Fish- All the way till this past week, Jenkins was all set to go to Florida State. He sees Coach Rick Trickett as a father figure. If there is one kid that the pressure has seemed to got to, it is Jenkins. It is tough for me to say this but it looks like Jenkins wont be signing with FSU on NSD.

Jason- FSU. I've heard too much on both sides about this one. I really have no idea, so I'll say we get him.

Jermaine Thomas

Mack- FSU. Thomas had a wonderful visit to LSU but he loves FSU.

Nate- I think he stays with the school he'd been committed to since the summer. Jermaine is one of my favorites in the class.

Fish- Thomas has been committed to FSU since last summer. Recently he took a trip to LSU and they took the lead. At the end FSU need at running back will be to great for Thomas to overlook. He also feels the pressure of his two teammates going to FSU as well.

Jason- FSU. I think we've got him back in the fold.

Jamie Harper

Mack- Clemson. I really thought Jamie would be in this class but when another back got offered I think that was a sign that Jamie will not be a Seminole.

Nate- I want to go with FSU on this one, but I'm not so sure. My heart says FSU, but gut says Clemson.

Fish- If you asked me a month ago if FSU had a shot at Harper I would have said no way. Finally after what seemed like 20 attempts to get Harper on campus, the Seminoles jumped back into the picture. While Clemson has held a huge lead the Seminoles and now Hurricanes have made it interesting. I would not be shocked to see Harper choose Florida State in the end. My gut though tells me he sticks with the Tigers.

Jason- Clemson. The wrong we did to Lamar Lewis a few years ago comes back to bite us here.

Corey Liuget

Mack- Illinois. FSU made the final cut for the South Florida big man but Liuget got Zooked.

Nate- FSU all the way in my opinion. Instant playing time will be the winning factor.

Fish- Here is a kid that has pretty much committed to every school he visited. On Thursday FSU looked like they jumped back into the lead. He has narrowed his choices down to Illinois, FSU and USF. If FSU can get the last call in to Liuget they may be able to steal him. Right now Illinois looks like his final destination.

Jason- FSU

Look for Part II soon

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