Thomas goes with his heart in the end

One of the top running backs in Florida this past year was Jermaine Thomas. The versatile athlete is one of the top playmakers in the country, and maybe the most underrated prospect in the 2008 class. NoleDigest caught up with Jermaine to talk about his decision to sign with the Seminoles and to talk about just how close he came to signing with LSU.

Jermaine Thomas was a long time commitment to Florida State, but late in the process he decided to take a visit to LSU. He came away from that visit shocked and very confused. In the end, though, he decided to follow his heart and go with the Seminoles. "I took the time to come off that visit to LSU and to really think about things. After really thinking about it I followed my heart and went with the Seminoles. I made my decision last week, and the coaches knew through my father," explained Thomas.

Coming into Signing Day many people did not know what Jermaine was going to do. What wasn't made public was the shocking information that after his official to LSU, Thomas actually de-committed from FSU. He explains, "LSU gave me a lot to think about. They had it set up for me and showed me a very good time. I've never been there and I had such a good time. After the visit the coaches at LSU wanted me to de-commit, and coming off the high of the visit I actually did. I probably shouldn't have done that. At the time I was really thinking about going to LSU. Looking at the entire picture and where I want to spend the next four years, FSU was always the choice."

After the decision was made Jermaine decided to shut down media interviews and any contact from coaches. He wanted to take the time to reflect on his recruiting process and think about his future. "I didn't talk to anyone from any of the staffs or any reporters. I didn't go to school on Monday or Tuesday before Signing Day because I didn't want a bunch of people in my ear about the decision. It gave me time to look at things in a clearer picture, and I'm glad I did that," expressed Thomas.

The decision to sign with FSU made many FSU fans happy. After weighing the pros and cons of each school, Thomas knew that FSU was the best place for him to be. Jermaine explained more, saying, "I kept telling myself from the beginning of this process that I wanted to be a Seminole. FSU has been down recently and I want to be apart of their comeback. When I looked everything FSU had 1 or 2 backs coming and nothing on the roster after this year. LSU brought in 3 last year. I really felt I had more of a shot with the Noles."

At his press conference Jermaine channeled former Seminole Lee Corso when he pulled out an Indian headdress to signify his final choice. Up until that point fellow Seminoles Nigel Carr and Avis Commack had no idea what Thomas was going to do. "Did you see what I did at my announcement? I wanted to do something like that. It was my father's idea to do it. Avis and Nigel were shocked because they didn't know where I was going. We're all happy to be the guys who'll be bringing the Seminoles back," stated Thomas.

While Signing Day was a downer for some FSU fans, many don't realize that Thomas' decision made the day much better than what it could have been. In the end the potential playing time and wanting to follow his heart led Thomas to become a Nole. From now until he gets to FSU in the summer he plans on working out. He said, "I'm running track to make sure I keep my speed. I want to go in prepared and ready because they want me to play. My goal is to get to 205-210 pounds. I'm at 193 right now, so I think I should be able to get there."

Thomas wanted to conclude the interview with a message to Seminole fans and coaches. He said, "I want to thanks the coaches and the fans that supported me and stuck with me through this process. Thanks for not giving up on me. This choice is the best school for me and I am happy about it. I'm going to come in and give 110% to the school and you. I'm ready."

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