Mat Drills start today

Mat drills start today for the Florida State Football Team. NoleDigest takes a look at what they are from a player's perspective.

When: 5:45 AM

Where: Tully Gym

What: Mat drills are the winter conditioning exercises. They last for a few weeks until spring break. They are very demanding and taxing on the body. The coaches instruct us through drills that get scored. Mat drills get you in shape and prepared for the spring practice.

Goals of mat drills: The goals of mat drills are to prepare the body and the mind for the season and to build cohesiveness within the team. Everyone is accountable for their work so dependibility is also emphasized.

First time for everything

"My first experience at mat drills were very hard. Several people told me that they were going to be difficult, but I did not take them seriously. The first two days I struggled. I progressed throughout the mat drills and ended finishing strong."

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